Want to Improve Your Job Search? Step Away from Your Computer!

Step Away Computer

Your PC and the internet are clearly valuable and critical tools in an effective job search in todays market. The vast majority of job seekers, however, spend far too much time in front of their computer and not nearly enough time in front of people that can have a much greater impact on their job [...]

[Introverts Only] Getting the Most Career Boost Out of Your Personality


If you are an introvert, or think you are I’m sure by now, you’ve heard and know of all the possible downsides to our personality type. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start talking about the good news and the great parts of who we are. It’s also time to start talking [...]

Personal Branding a Resume: Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of Trade

You’ve all heard the term establishing a Personal Brand before, but how many of you know what this means? In my book, finding the means to visually have a resume stand out from dozens of others in the hopper is a start to establishing your personal brand. I will share with you some of the [...]

Why a Great Resume is Your First Step to a Successful Job Interview

Interview Checklist

Job search in the new millennium is different and difficult for many job seekers, especially Men & Women of A Certain Age, professionals who are used to being recruited, people at all levels in all professions who have not been involved in a job search or updated and modernized their résumé for at least the [...]

Knowing Your Audience Yields Better Results


I am a major proponent of getting to know your audience as much and possible before writing a resume and interviewing for a job. I once heard this story from a client who worked for Microsoft in the early days. I’d like to share it with you, especially if you believe One-Size-Fits-All in a resume [...]

What’s Worse: Dentist or Networking? [FREE Book + Videos + Bonus Training]

Easier Networking

If you DREAD Networking…this just might be the book for you. Better yet, you can get it for free (plus a ton of other bonuses) – but only for the next few days. My friend, Kevin Kermes, and I have put together a step-by-step process centered around embracing and leveraging your strengths as an Introvert…not [...]

The Value of a Resume for The Currently Employed


According to economic experts the US economy is steadily moving forward, unemployment is moving downward, and they’re predicting an upward swing in business growth and the hiring of new employees at a pace not seen since 2006. This may explain why in 2014, compared to the last 4-6 years, currently employed job seekers are turning [...]

Resume Rule # 11: Everyone Likes a Good Story

Best Seller

There is a reason authors like Patterson, Grisham, Connelly and Baldacci, among others, are constant fixtures on the NY Times Best Seller List. They create compelling stories that grab the reader’s attention and stir their imagination to read on to see how the characters develop and the story unfolds and concludes. I’ve been writing resumes [...]

Quiz: Job or Career? Does it Make a Difference?

Job Career

Spherion Staffing is planning to release new findings from its ongoing study of emerging workforce trends and in the process released a website and quiz on Jobs versus Careers. In an interview with Sandy Mazur, Division President of Franchise & License at Spherion, she said, “it was a fun way to validate our findings and [...]

Effective Thank You Notes

Thank You

In a previous article titled: Do Thank You Notes Really Matter??? I wrote about the big difference Thank You notes can make in the job search process. They can have great sway with a networking contact, a recruiter, or potential employer. The degree of sway it has, however, has a lot to do with the [...]