3 Shortcuts to Better LinkedIn Traffic From Keywords

LinkedIn Traffic

Boosting your findability and presence on LinkedIn has never been more important in your job search. After all, you can build your Profile, but unless it’s keyword-optimized to draw traffic, it will be the proverbial tree falling in the forest (with no one to witness your great skills). To get interest from employers, your Profile [...]

LinkedIn… Awesome, but not a Job Seekers Silver Bullet

linkedin profile

It’s not unusual for someone to ask me why they don’t get any calls from recruiters from their LinkedIn profile. They have a 100% rating on their profile from LinkedIn, yet they don’t seem to get anyone inquiring with job opportunities. As I’ve written several times before… there has never been a tool for a [...]

Stop! Don’t Update Your LinkedIn Profile Without This Step

Stop LinkedIn

Applying for jobs on LinkedIn, but no one is biting? What could be wrong? You might have missed the critical step of putting your LinkedIn Profile into a Word document first, and then running spell check! Before you start thinking this isn’t important, consider the following Profile errors that I’ve seen in the past 10 [...]

Should You Use Your Resume or Profile When Applying to Jobs on LinkedIn?

linkedin or resume

Using LinkedIn’s Jobs feature as a job board for your search? A handy tool for job seekers, LinkedIn Jobs offers a “Apply with your Profile” option—allowing you to show your interest with just one click. You may have noticed, though, that a resume and cover letter can also be uploaded for your job application. So [...]

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Will Never Be Private

Peeping Tom

Trying to keep your LinkedIn Profile information hidden from the prying eyes of your boss or colleagues? To paraphrase an old advertising slogan:  Sorry, Charlie. There’s no way to add information on LinkedIn and prevent it from being seen. The confusion arises when LinkedIn users see the option for a Public Profile and believe its purpose is [...]

Pay for LinkedIn for Your Job Search?

Paid LinkedIn

I’ve always been a fan of “FREE”! Like most people, I’d rather not pay for something when a free option fulfills my needs. I’ve also found that the adage of “you get what you pay for” is NOT always true. Especially when it comes to web-based services, there are very often free options that are [...]

Trying to Run a Covert Job Search on LinkedIn? Pay Attention to These Settings

Covert LinkedIn Job Search

Want to ensure your LinkedIn activity is as covert as possible? You MUST understand the site’s broadcast message types, Activity Broadcasts and Activity Feed, and the differences between them. Often confused with each other, these controls allow messages to be widely distributed to other LinkedIn users, informing them of your activity (and basically prompting them to look at [...]

Should You Add a “Current” Job on LinkedIn When You’re Unemployed?

LinkedIn Unemployed

Newly unemployed – and considering whether you should add a “current” job to your LinkedIn Profile as a cover story? You’ve probably heard you won’t rank in LinkedIn search results without a current job, or that you must attain a 100% complete Profile to be findable online. However, there’s no need to panic or become [...]

5 Best-Practice LinkedIn Strategies for Executives

LinkedIn Strategy

Cautiously considering upgrading your presence on LinkedIn – either for an executive search or to build your personal brand? You’ll need to consider LinkedIn strategies that differ substantially from that of mid-career professionals. For example, many executives choose to limit the information they distribute on LinkedIn, due to company confidentiality or other reasons. Executives are [...]

Follow These 3 LinkedIn Tips If You Recently Changed Careers

LinkedIn Tips

As a job seeker in 2013, you’re lucky. You have LinkedIn. 10 years ago when I changed careers and left the solar industry, I didn’t have LinkedIn as a personal branding tool. As a result, here’s an example of the sort of response I received: “I see you have experience selling solar panels in Kathmandu. [...]