Personal Branding a Resume: Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of Trade

You’ve all heard the term establishing a Personal Brand before, but how many of you know what this means? In my book, finding the means to visually have a resume stand out from dozens of others in the hopper is a start to establishing your personal brand. I will share with you some of the [...]

Why a Great Resume is Your First Step to a Successful Job Interview

Interview Checklist

Job search in the new millennium is different and difficult for many job seekers, especially Men & Women of A Certain Age, professionals who are used to being recruited, people at all levels in all professions who have not been involved in a job search or updated and modernized their résumé for at least the [...]

Knowing Your Audience Yields Better Results


I am a major proponent of getting to know your audience as much and possible before writing a resume and interviewing for a job. I once heard this story from a client who worked for Microsoft in the early days. I’d like to share it with you, especially if you believe One-Size-Fits-All in a resume [...]

The Value of a Resume for The Currently Employed


According to economic experts the US economy is steadily moving forward, unemployment is moving downward, and they’re predicting an upward swing in business growth and the hiring of new employees at a pace not seen since 2006. This may explain why in 2014, compared to the last 4-6 years, currently employed job seekers are turning [...]

Resume Rule # 11: Everyone Likes a Good Story

Best Seller

There is a reason authors like Patterson, Grisham, Connelly and Baldacci, among others, are constant fixtures on the NY Times Best Seller List. They create compelling stories that grab the reader’s attention and stir their imagination to read on to see how the characters develop and the story unfolds and concludes. I’ve been writing resumes [...]

What Should a Resume Look Like If You Want Results?


I apologize but this is really a trick question because there is no clear cut answer that applies across the board. A lot will depend on your occupation and your career level. This said, merely updating your pervious resume may work for some of you but will be disastrous for others depending on the job [...]

Resumes: Trust But Verify


“Trust, but verify” is a Russian proverb told to President Ronald Reagan by Suzanne Massie, a writer on Russia, during the final days of the Cold War. This is also something job seekers and career changers should consider when preparing a resume and LinkedIn page. RESUMES: Prior to being a featured SME guest this past [...]

DIY Resume Writing Advice

The Devil made me do it

The following is some insider insights on how to create a solid DIY resume. That is if you’re brave enough to undertake the task on your own knowing full well the consequences if in the end your resume turns out to be a faux 2 carat Cubic Zirconia instead of the brilliant 2 carat diamond [...]

5 Tips for Preventing Age Bias in Your Executive Resume & LinkedIn Profile


Back in the job market for an executive role? You may have encountered (or wondered about) potential age discrimination when putting yourself “out there” for an executive job search. If you find yourself experiencing rejection in your job applications, the possibility of age discrimination may seem all too real. Yet, it’s possible that you’re actually [...]

Resume Advice from American Idol Judge Harry Connick Jr.

2.23.14 connick

Speaking as a music lover and an accomplished resume writer and job search advisor, I firmly believe every job seeker must enter a job search with the same mindset as every contestant who enters one of the myriad of talent contests on television today: “You’re In It To Win It!” Their primary goal is to [...]