Personal Brand Management

4.18.14 Brand

Recently I wrote about Personal Branding in a resume and today I’d like to tackle the broader topic of Brand Management. Here are 5 pointers on this topic I would like to share with you. 1: Establish and maintain a high visibility online, in the press, and within the industry. This advice is not only [...]

Defining Your Value Proposition?

Personal Brand Value Proposition

A newly coined term that has become ubiquitous over the past decade in the Job Search sphere is Value Proposition. You’ll read and hear about it in association with networking, writing a resume and conducting an interview. The first step in defining your Value Proposition is also where many go wrong; they fail to understand [...]

Introvert Leadership: How to Self-Promote without Being Obnoxious

Self Promotion 2

As a rising Introvert Leader, it doesn’t matter where you are in your climb; you have to self promote or plan to stay put.  The very idea of self-promotion is disgusting to most people because the ones you see doing self-promotion aren’t the role models.  Those people are obnoxious. In fact, the people you don’t [...]

The Reality of Personal Branding

Personal Branding Reality

“Branding” has gotten a LOT of attention these last few years. Especially in a job search, a multitude of experts will tell you that Branding is critical to landing a job. Is Branding really that important? …and what is it exactly? It’s easy to understand Branding in terms of Coca-Cola or some other product, but [...]

How to Manage Your Personal Brand

Manage Your Brand

You hear so much about your personal brand these days that you know it must be important.  It is tough to figure out your personal brand and once you do, it can leave you scratching your head wondering what you do next. When I think of managing your personal brand, I think in two timeframes.  [...]

What Can We Learn About Personal Branding from Reece Witherspoon’s Arrest?


Hopefully, you know Reese Witherspoon.  She is a lovely, bubbly actress who has starred in numerous films, like “Legally Blonde”.  Her off-screen persona is that of a smart, strong and fairly virtuous woman.  She has clearly defined a good, clear Personal Brand.  Yet, this weekend her brand was damaged by her arrest, along with her [...]

Establish Your Personal Brand on Your Resume and LinkedIn

Personal Branding

In writing a resume and by extension a LinkedIn page, the key is in how well you establish your Personal Brand. In a resume it must be established in the top-third of Page One and then further developed and validated throughout the document. On LinkedIn your Personal Brand is established in the Headline and Summary [...]

How to Write an Impressive Biography


A career biography can play an important role in your job search strategy. You may find that employers and recruiters will request a bio to accompany an executive resume, or that a leadership biography will even open doors by itself. However, when writing your professional bio, don’t resort to the tired, overused wording seen on [...]

3 Ways to Demonstrate Your Value in a Job Search

Business concept isolated on white

When I train career advisors and job seekers on the strategic approach to the online job search, I make sure to mention that a résumé is an obituary. Résumés do a great job telling people what you did. Where you worked. What things you’ve done in your past that made a difference. And résumés have [...]

Branding YOU: How to Capture Employers’ Attention to Get the Job [WEBINAR]

Brand Yourself

Perhaps we have made a mistake as a society. Recruiters and hiring managers all wanted a more efficient way to process resumes, so we automated it. However, the subjective assessment of a candidate was replaced with keywords, leaving legitimate and qualified candidates overlooked. We have lost one of the most critical steps in the hiring [...]