Want to Improve Your Job Search? Step Away from Your Computer!

Step Away Computer

Your PC and the internet are clearly valuable and critical tools in an effective job search in todays market. The vast majority of job seekers, however, spend far too much time in front of their computer and not nearly enough time in front of people that can have a much greater impact on their job [...]

What’s Worse: Dentist or Networking? [FREE Book + Videos + Bonus Training]

Easier Networking

If you DREAD Networking…this just might be the book for you. Better yet, you can get it for free (plus a ton of other bonuses) – but only for the next few days. My friend, Kevin Kermes, and I have put together a step-by-step process centered around embracing and leveraging your strengths as an Introvert…not [...]

Great Networkers Don’t Need Great Resumes

Great Networking

So often, people agonize over creating a dynamic resume, one that will make the difference in getting the attention they need for the job of their dreams. While I’m a proponent of having an effective resume, it’s often unnecessary if the job seeker is doing a great job of networking! That’s a startling thought to [...]

Face-to-Face Networking Works Best

Face-to-Face Networking

Everyone likes being efficient. And most people feel somewhat awkward in meeting new people. So, most people in a job search try to do their “networking” online and over the phone. It seems more efficient in being able to get to more people faster, and it’s less intimidating to send someone an email than to [...]

7 Myths About Networking: The Introvert Guide to Surviving Networking


Is there anything an introvert hates more than networking? Probably not.  At least, not with the introverts I come in contact with. I hope to reduce the tension level about this all-critical career enhancing activity.  It’s not as bad as it seems, but perhaps more important than you realize. Let’s address some myths about networking.  [...]

Introvert Leader: 7 Tips for Networking Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Introvert Networking

As an introvert leader, it’s no mystery to you that you need to expand your network.  Nevertheless, that knowledge has done very little to prompt you to do anything about it – has it? It’s a lot like losing weight.  You know you should be exercising and eating right but you just never get around [...]

The Paradox of Networking vs. Job Postings

Now Hiring

I had a discussion with a senior level executive recently about the best way they can find a new job. I was encouraging them to network with as many people as they can to gain information, leads, and referrals. They were cynical of the recommendation. They pushed back saying… It seems like a waste of time [...]

The Power of a Referral


A recent example reminded me of the amazing power of a referral in a job search. When it works as it should, nothing comes close to making for a better hiring experience for a job seeker! Hiring a new employee is one of the hardest things for an employer… A great hire can have an [...]

Introvert Leadership: 7 Ways Networking is Like a First Date (and Why You Want to Know)

First DAte

Networking is one of those things like eating healthy that many of us know we should do but don’t because it can be a drag.  Going to events where you really don’t know anyone and trying to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger is kind of tough, even for the most outgoing. Yet, [...]

This is One Important Way You Get People to Hire You!


A current discussion on LinkedIn’s Account Manager Group is “Why do your customers buy from you rather than from your competitors?” Seeing how there is a direct correlation between success in sales and a job search it is no surprise the #1 answer to this query is Relationship Building and here are some of the [...]