Discouragement Leads to Discouragement in Your Job Search


I’ve written much about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude during a job search. It impacts every step of the process, from networking, to writing a resume, to interviews and follow up. One aspect of a poor attitude I have not discussed before, however, is how particularly destructive discouragement can be to the process. [...]

Job Search Myths Debunked

Job Search Myths

I have been involved in the Career Services field in various capacities for the past 3 decades and I can tell you that there are a great many myths out there that are just that -myths – an idea that is believed by many people but that is not true. Here are four I find [...]

And the Winner Is? Oscar Nominees for Job Hunting


As is my annual tradition this time of year, I look at the Oscar nominees and use them as a sounding board for offering you some diverse job hunting advice. So here is my 2014 edition. I hope you enjoy it. American Hustle: Everyday people get hustled by practiced Grifters and Conmen and Conwomen who [...]

Pictures Matter in Your Job Search

Pictures Matter

One significant downside to the wide use of the internet and Google for many job seekers is the ability for potential employers to find information about them online. Particular younger job seekers who may be active on social media, it’s not uncommon to have a large number of pictures posted online over a period of [...]

Overqualified for the Job?


Ask any executive, line manager, or business owner if they would love to have people onboard who can do not only their own job – but a whole lot more and I think 80% would answer by saying “I’ll take a dozen” or “where can I find one.” To me this is the embodiment of [...]

What Type of Job Hunter Are You?

Who Are You

I have been blogging on the topics of resume writing, social media profiles, and conducting a job search for six years now. During this time over one thousand readers, at all levels, reached out to ask for my advice. In talking with them it never ceases to amaze me how many people are living in [...]

Choosing the Right Job

Choosing Right Job

I got a call from a job seeker that was having a hard time deciding between two job opportunities he had available to him. He was looking for advice to help him decide which one to choose. It was no easy choice, because the two opportunities were very different and would send his career in [...]

Never Give Up Your Job Search!


Quite a while ago, I wrote a piece titled… I can’t get a job because… In it, I made the case that people aren’t truly affected in their job search by various forms of discrimination as commonly as they may think they are. Often, when people are unwilling to face personal shortcomings in their attitude, [...]

Staying Viable After a “No”


A while ago I wrote a piece titled… “No” may not be final! The point of the article was that it’s not unusual for a company to be interested in hiring a particular candidate even after they rejected them for a position they were initially pursuing. The article gave a number of reasons to be [...]

Take This Prize or Wait for Door #3 in Your Job Search?


One of the most difficult things for a job seeker to deal with, is when job offers don’t come at the same time! In an ideal world, you would receive all potential offers on the same day. You could lay them out on your dining room table, create your pro/con lists, and make the most [...]