Effective Thank You Notes

Thank You

In a previous article titled: Do Thank You Notes Really Matter??? I wrote about the big difference Thank You notes can make in the job search process. They can have great sway with a networking contact, a recruiter, or potential employer. The degree of sway it has, however, has a lot to do with the [...]

Spell It Out Before Your Job Interviews

Spell Out Interview

Much has been written about preparing for job interviews. However, one aspect of preparation that I can’t emphasize enough, and that hardly ever occurs is… writing out answers to potential interview questions in advance! When the vast majority of people prepare for job interviews, they vaguely think… “If I’m asked about _________, I’ll talk about [...]

How Low Can You Go in Your Salary Negotiations?

Salary Negotiation

Two conversations I’ve had with job seekers recently helped me to consider another aspect of salary negotiations. I’ve written on the topic before in: Always Ask For More… Right? There you will find a great deal of practical advice on how to land where you’d like to land. However, what do you do when an [...]

Turn Down a Job Interview?

Turn Down Interview

It’s not unusual for job seekers to tell me that they were called to interview for a position, however, they passed on the opportunity because they… – didn’t like the company – thought it was too far to commute – thought the job wasn’t a great fit for their experience – didn’t think it would [...]

How Employers View Your Questions About Benefits


When interviewing for a new job, it’s natural to want to know about Employee Benefits, Perks, additional opportunities for bonuses or raises, and other information that helps you decide whether a company is right for you or not. When, and how you ask those questions, however, can have a huge impact on their interest in [...]

Employers Care About More Than Competence


There have been multiple articles written in recent years about how younger job seekers too often act very poorly in the networking, interviewing, and hiring process. There are ample stories of… Taking phone calls during an interview Speaking far too casually with the interviewer Texting during a meeting Presenting resumes full of typos and grammatical [...]

Great Interviews Are a Dialogue!

Interview Dialogue

Too many job interviews become one-way grill sessions. The potential employer asks a question and the candidate answers. Next question… next answer… and so it goes. Perhaps near the end of the interview, the employer asks if the candidate has any questions, then the process reverses for a few short minutes. Then one candidate out [...]

Establishing Your Personal Brand in the Interview

Build Your Brand

We often hear the term “personal branding” bandied about in conducting a job search, but many people have a hard time envisioning it in concrete terms. What I would like to share with you is a real life example you might relate to. Last Wednesday evening I attended a candidate’s forum where seven candidates seeking [...]

What Every Hiring Manager Needs to Hear in a Job Interview

Interview Hiring Manager

Most recent grads applying for their first jobs don’t understand why those jobs actually exist. If you want to get the attention of a hiring manager, you need to think this through from his or her point of view. Keep these following two thoughts in mind and any hiring manager will see in you a [...]

Four Questions to Help You with Your Interviews


Passover, which is celebrated this week, is a very joyous holiday where the traditional Passover Seder starts with the youngest child asking Four Questions in order to get those in attendance to start thinking about the past, the present, and their mission in life. Unfortunately being Passed Over for a position you just interviewed for [...]