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Thinking of Changing to a Career in Teaching?

Teaching Career

If you are feeling unfulfilled in your current line of work and are considering a career in teaching, you are not alone. Teaching is a profession which many come to later in life after finding that they are not getting what they need out of their career and want to do something that feels truly [...]

4 Ways to Boost Your Career In Your Own Free Time

Free Time

Given today’s increasingly competitive job market, more and more of us are required to do a lot more in order to get ahead of the game and get noticed in the career fields of our choice. This can range from anything, whether you’re in the field of medicine or finance. It’s key these days to [...]

Looking at a Candidate Management System? Things to Consider


The world of recruitment is undergoing a significant shift, thanks to the increasing availability of online recruitment systems and software, which are often cloud-deployed and designed to integrate with a range of other business systems. As the market offering grows, strengthens and becomes ever-more compelling, for many HR managers and recruiters it is now time [...]

4 Careers That Make Use of Your Finance Degree


These days, more than half of college graduates end up unemployed when they get out of school. And in the world of finance, you won’t find much difference. On the bright side, finance majors have a lot of career options after school. You may not realize how many options you have with your degree. The requirements [...]

Trade Unions 101


So, what is a trade union? Trade unions are somewhat similar to the trade guilds of Medieval times, and indeed this is where the concept started. In its essence, a trade union is a group of people who usually all work in the same industry, who have joined together to create better negotiation power in [...]

Are You a Skilled Multiasker OR an Out-of-Control Disaster?


Imagine the scene. You’re at a trendy coffee shop, sipping the venti latte in your right hand while checking movie times on your IPad with your left. At the same time, you’re talking on your cel phone making a hair appointment, while exchanging some meaningful eye-contact with the hottie across the room. You’re in a [...]

The Real Benefits of Being a Team Player

Team Player

So, you’ve got your degree and you’re ready to take on the world. Perhaps you were a social and athletic leader; president of your fraternity or sorority, captain of the football team or head cheerleader. You succeed at almost everything you try and you are a person who others naturally follow. Or maybe you didn’t [...]

How Can a New Employee Build a Solid Reputation?

First Day

As a new hire, your responsibility is to get acclimatized over the first few days and observe the flow of work. Whatever apparent madness you think you see in the early days at your first company, there is usually some very sound method behind it. The paychecks don’t bounce, so the company’s employees and officers [...]

How to Choose Your Core Professional Career Wisely

Career Direction Wisely

As your career options begin to unfold, you may be examining alternate paths to achieving a life that offers the financial security and fulfillment you desire. Your dream may be to become an entrepreneur or to making a living pursuing your creative passions. While you aren’t restricted to either/or career choices anymore, it is wise [...]

Graduates, Do You Need a Professional Resume OR Just a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn Resume

The social networking site LinkedIn.com  has transformed the way we network and how smart professionals of every age find jobs.  Some “experts” are even saying that with a LinkedIn profile you don’t even need a resume. Is this true? Resume Versus Social Media Profile The advent of social media sites has given rise to a [...]