Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is a certified life and career coach. She works with aspiring professionals who are looking for career growth, advancement and entry into the “C” suite. As well, she works with people to overcome the sometimes daunting task of changing careers. With over 21 years in management, Dorothy has coached, trained and guided other professionals who have gone on to impressive and fulfilling careers. Her personal philosophy about careers is: “It’s not JUST a job; it’s half your life – so love your career”. You can check out her resources, blog and services at Next Chapter New Life and MBA Highway.


Services & Offerings:

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran offers a variety of career package programs in addition to custom coaching, based on the specific needs of the client. Among the programs she offers:

For Job Seekers –Job Search Launch Basics– Comprehensive Job Search Makeover – Interview prep and practice kit

For Career Changers – Career Makeover Program for Career Changers

Growth Careerist – Personal Branding and Online Presence (also for Job Seekers) – Career and Professional Goal Setting and Results Program – Management Development

Please check with Dorothy for program specifics and ask for a complimentary career strategy session at or check her website for more details:

Why I Serve Careerists & Job Seekers:

More than anything else, I believe in the potential for greatness in each one of us.  I also believe that for many people to achieve that greatness, you need help and guidance.  That’s why I’m here – to help each person traverse the sometimes tricky career terrain.  I’ve been there, done that and I know the best and most effective ways to get to your career goals.


Introvert Leader: Knowing When It’s Time to Leave Your Job

Time to Go

There comes a time in every career, where you have to contemplate leaving.  Introvert Leader or not, it’s a tough decision to make. You’ve invested your time and dedication to your company and to the job.  You may be emotionally tied to the outcome of a project that isn’t done.  You could make a list [...]

5 Career Limiting Things Introverts Do to Sabotage Their Career and How to Avoid Them [WEBINAR]

Career Limiting Moves

Do you want more for your career? Not sure why you’re not there now? Got passed over for a promotion? You can’t blame your lack of progress on the economy any more. It may be you. There may be things – simple things – that you may not even realize you are doing to harm [...]

The Cure for Losing Your Career While Working: Introverts Guide to Career Acceleration

So many Introverts (and for that matter Extraverts) wake up while on the job only to discover they lost their career somewhere along the line. Where did it go?  Is this you? It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of working and just life itself.  Even though you may have ambitions [...]

7 Myths About Networking: The Introvert Guide to Surviving Networking


Is there anything an introvert hates more than networking? Probably not.  At least, not with the introverts I come in contact with. I hope to reduce the tension level about this all-critical career enhancing activity.  It’s not as bad as it seems, but perhaps more important than you realize. Let’s address some myths about networking.  [...]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Introverts at Work

Cheat Sheet

As an introvert, or someone who works with Introverts, there are always things you can learn that will help you work more effectively with one another.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t all working together famously right now; it means to think how fantastic it could be if you could all “up” your game. Think of [...]

70%+ said this was a MAJOR problem… [WEBINAR]

Businesswoman climbing ladder.

Do any of these statements resonate with you? I see people getting promoted around me, but I know (and they do to) that I’m a better performer. I’m definitely not getting paid what I’m worth, but I’m not sure what to do about it. On a good day, my work place is best defined as “dysfunctional”: horrible leadership, difficult [...]

Introvert Leader: The 9 Worst Career Tips for Introverts

Worst Career Tips

As an introvert leader, you no doubt have encountered more than your fair share of advice and suggestions that either made you cringe or simply wouldn’t work for you.  It didn’t take hours or days of contemplation; you knew instantly that what you were being offered up – stunk. This article is for those well [...]

Introvert Leader: 7 Tips for Networking Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Introvert Networking

As an introvert leader, it’s no mystery to you that you need to expand your network.  Nevertheless, that knowledge has done very little to prompt you to do anything about it – has it? It’s a lot like losing weight.  You know you should be exercising and eating right but you just never get around [...]

Introvert Leadership: 5 Reasons You Might Fear Career Change and What To Do About It


You’re a leader, right?  Doesn’t that mean you’re fearless? Maybe on some things but the prospect of changing careers has stopped you cold.  You probably don’t admit this to very many people. Is this you? It would seem we are more comfortable seeking divorce from our spouse than divorce from our job.  The divorce rate [...]

Introvert Leadership: 9 Tips for Leaving Without Burning Bridges


As an Introvert Leader, you are probably keenly aware that the tide on employment has changed.  If you aren’t already half way out the door to another opportunity, you probably have a new opportunity hovering over you as you read this. The time has come.  New jobs are popping up all over the place and [...]