Quiz: Job or Career? Does it Make a Difference?

Job CareerSpherion Staffing is planning to release new findings from its ongoing study of emerging workforce trends and in the process released a website and quiz on Jobs versus Careers. In an interview with Sandy Mazur, Division President of Franchise & License at Spherion, she said, “it was a fun way to validate our findings and provide workers with food for thought.”

The quiz is at www.BoostYourWork.com where it will help you sort out if you have a job or career mentality. The obvious question is: Does it make a difference?

Apparently it does make a difference, as increasing numbers of people are moving toward a career mindset, rather than simply a job mindset. According to the survey (and quiz) somewhere between 47%-51% said they were increasing their focus on having a career. 38% of respondents are transitioning into a career or job mindset from the other, leaving 11% who “have a job mindset”.

The site also provides additional guidance on the topic of job versus career such as benefits of the two, how to achieve a successful career and how to transition from a job to a career. You don’t have to scratch the surface too far behind the benefit statements to see that the implications of a career will be that you not only can fulfill your passion and purpose but also—make more money. All of those reasons should be argument enough to chose the career path.

Ms. Mazur noted that the shifting economy might be a driver for seeing an increased focus on career by much of the work force at this time. Workers are feeling a greater sense of loyalty to employers, which in turn plays a bigger role in a person’s success.

One very stunning finding in the Spherion workforce study was the correlation between employee satisfaction and a company with a strong mission. Job satisfaction was at 70% for employees working at a company with a clear mission and follow-through, compared to 23% satisfaction for those people working in companies where those two elements were missing. Those employees in the latter group were also nearly twice as likely to be looking for another job compared to those whose companies’ missions were clear and followed through upon.

Employers have discovered that having a strong online social media presence was a key element in both employee retention and recruiting. More and more workers are seeking the use of the Internet to research companies mission and branding. The online reputation is equally as important as the job offer. Apparently so, when looking at the results of the survey.

If you are in the group of dissatisfied workers out there and are grappling with making a job change, you would do well to think about the whole question of having a job mindset versus having a career mindset. This quiz will help you as well as other information on the website. Once you’ve answered that question, then you would do well to move to a company who wears their brand and mission strong and proud on the Internet.

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