Stop! Don’t Update Your LinkedIn Profile Without This Step

Stop LinkedInApplying for jobs on LinkedIn, but no one is biting? What could be wrong?

You might have missed the critical step of putting your LinkedIn Profile into a Word document first, and then running spell check!

Before you start thinking this isn’t important, consider the following Profile errors that I’ve seen in the past 10 days alone:

Information Technology spelled as “Ifnormation Technology” in the HEADLINE of an IT candidate (ouch!)

Perform shown as “Preform” throughout the Profile Summary of an Administrative Assistant (who also claimed “attention to detail” as one of her strong suits)

Company names with at least 3 different spellings in different places on the same Profile

One can only imagine the reaction of employers to these errors. Even if you’ve read all the hot tips for writing your LinkedIn Profile and faithfully added keywords to draw traffic, recruiters will be turned off by finding obvious slip-ups in your writing.

You’ve been told for years that spelling and grammar are key to the success of your résumé. Now, it’s time to apply this rule to your LinkedIn Profile.

When I write LinkedIn Profiles for clients, I create each section in Word, with a thorough check for spacing, spelling, grammar, and other critical elements.

Take it from a professional writer – your best bet is to carefully craft your LinkedIn Profile within a document first, then transfer it, section by edited section, for the best online presentation.

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