Looking at a Candidate Management System? Things to Consider

candidate-relationship-management-defaultThe world of recruitment is undergoing a significant shift, thanks to the increasing availability of online recruitment systems and software, which are often cloud-deployed and designed to integrate with a range of other business systems. As the market offering grows, strengthens and becomes ever-more compelling, for many HR managers and recruiters it is now time to seriously weigh up the options of investment.

So what aspects should you consider when reviewing market offers for e-recruitment software, and assessing whether a candidate management system would benefit your recruitment function?

The cost benefit analysis

One useful way to assess the benefits of online recruitment software is to look at the costs incurred, versus the potential benefits. The beauty with these systems is that, often for the first time, these benefits can be measured and quantified. This provides recruiters with a powerful argument for board spend approval.

The primary benefit of such a system is the ability to vastly improve, streamline and more effectively deliver recruitment activities, lessening administration time and associated cost, and more intelligently delivering the employer brand and experience in a way that is integrated with the business operation and meaningful to candidates. The right system will give you a powerful ROI in a short amount of time, and there are various high-quality, ‘off the shelf’ solutions that are designed for rapid installation, cloud-based management and upgrades with a cost-effective licensing fee per user, and engineered for existing systems integration.

As well as lessening the potential cost to hire, a good eRecruitment system will also vastly speed up the process; automating a range of functions and carrying out value add activities from the point of role requisition through to employee induction. At all times, HR and recruitment managers will be able to log on and download powerful reports and customisable views of progress. This is perfect for providing MI and analysis to the board.

Quality angles

Alongside cost benefits there is the quality aspect that can be achieved with the right eRecruitment system. Today’s systems offer highly automated, robust and client-oriented processes, which not only deliver an enhanced user experience, but which are highly protected with the latest security systems and standards and firewalls, to protect candidate data and ensure that you are wholly compliant with your business continuity management and risk management processes. The systems also increase the quality of hiring, by freeing up administrative time to allow HR staff to concentrate on their core value adding tasks, identifying the best talent and engaging with possible hires to assess their suitability.

Employer branding

Another key benefit of these systems is that they are engineered to wholly manage and streamline the candidate experience, including social media and digital channel management. By automating responses, updates, communications and processes, candidates are kept updated at all times and in line with the employer brand. Meanwhile in the back end, managers can instantly check on progress and track individual applications as needed. Paperwork and manual administration is vastly minimised, saving on cost and time, and improving quality and accuracy.

These benefits, and more, offer a potential step change for HR managers and recruiters.

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