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StandOutResumeTo write an interview generating resume in 2014 requires in-depth subject matter knowledge, excellent organizational skill and ability to produce an abridged and compelling story. However, today more than ever, the key ingredient and one most DIY writers lack is the intellectual acumen to be a world-class brand developer and marketer.

I consider myself fortunate to have had opportunities to collaborate on creating professional resumes and job search portfolios for some of the best and brightest minds in brand development and product marketing. In doing so I’ve had occasion to converse at length and learn from these experts and learn first-hand the parallels between what they do for a living and what I do.

Recently I had the privilege to work with a first-rate entrepreneurial marketing professional on rewriting his resume and I was smitten by the way he expressed the key to his success and how much it coincides with what I know is the core  of being a successful resume writer.

By analyzing the bullet point we collaborated on to convey this specific ability, you will learn an important lesson about the essence of a resume that generates job interviews.

“Product / Brand Marketer who listens to the voice of the customer to identify critical messaging and brand attributes that lead to differentiation or buying decisions, and then leads his team to create a multifaceted marketing campaign around them.”

This one sentence tells you everything you need to know and if you don’t see it I’ll break it down for you.

1: You need to listen to the voice of the customer, who in this case is the employer or recruiter (not the ATS software) to discover their most critical needs in the jobs you’re applying for. In other words – What are they looking to buy?

2: You need to grasp the critical messaging they want to receive and figure out how to artfully articulate it back to them in a clear and concise document that tells the story of a top flight candidate.

3: You must identify what you bring to the table and what your competition has to offer as well. Then, with this in mind, you need to  establish your “Personal Brand.”

4: This is the most crucial step in resume writing; and it’s also the most commonly asked question I receive from DIY resume writers – how do I find and establish a Personal Brand?” A ‘personal brand’ is how you convey in writing what differentiates you from others who have much the same to offer an employer as you do. This can only be done when you have an in-depth understanding of what will prompt a buying decision (calling you for a job interview) on the part of an employer or recruiter.

5: To be truly successful in getting interviews you need work on a multifaceted approach to get your message heard that includes your resume, LinkedIn page, social media and networking.

This is what resume writing is all about in 2014.

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