Fill ‘Er Up – Keeping the Job Pipeline Full

FillErUp3Keeping a full pipeline of job opportunities you are pursuing is one of the best ways to maintain a positive mental attitude, take away fear and worry, and avoid great discouragement in your job search!

Too often, job seekers slow down their networking and hunting efforts once they are in process of being considered for a particular position. When that position never materializes, it can feel like a tremendous blow, especially when there are no other prospects in the pipeline.

The benefits of having multiple opportunities in process at the same time are immense. It gives you greater confidence in each interview when you know that this isn’t the ‘only’ chance you have. It gives you confidence to ask more questions to determine if the role and organization is a good fit for you, rather than be desperate to just get a job. It gives you the ability to turn down a role that may not be a good situation for you. It gives you greater negotiating power when an offer comes. And many more.

The primary reason that employed candidates are often more appealing to an employer than an unemployed one, is because the unemployed candidate often comes across as desperate and willing to say anything simply to get the job. An employed candidate doesn’t ‘need’ the position, so typically projects more confidence and is more discerning, make them more attractive to a potential employer.

Having multiple opportunities in process at once helps to level the playing field. When any one job is not the only option, you can project more confidence and be more selective as well.

So when an opportunity arises in your job search… pursue it with passion. However, be sure to also continue your fervent search for additional appropriate opportunities. Don’t slow down your networking. Keep targeting companies that interest you. And you will generate additional opportunities that will enable you to make the best choices and decisions regarding each one.

Fill ‘er up! Keep that pipeline full.

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