5 Reasons Your Resume May Not Be Generating Interviews

Resume No InterviewsA resume can cost you job interviews and keep you unemployed for a prolonged period of time if it conveys the wrong message. So here are five ways a resume can harm your chances for success.

1: The resume is too short to tell a compelling story. Many people take the adage that “a resume must be 1 page” or “a resume can’t’ be more than 2 pages” too seriously. In doing this they omit vital information to make a 2 page resume fit onto 1 page and a 3 page resume onto 2 pages. This is especially true for senior level and executive resumes where a 3 page resume will paint a better picture of value and worth. There’s no set rule on how many pages a resume should if it it covers all the bases. A professional editing should cut down the length of most resumes but there is a difference between editing a document and omitting information to make it smaller.

2: The resume lacks continuity. This is something I see all the time. Most resume are chock full of facts and figures that can sell a candidate to an employer. However they failed to sequence them so when the reader reads them they do not make sense, they can’t be found or are overlooked and, worse yet, they come across as being trivial.

3: The resume reads more like a job description than a marketing document. This happens a lot when people take whole sentences from a job description and this is the bulk of their final product.

4: The resume tells people how good you are but has nothing in it to back up your claims.

5: The resume is sloppily written with numerous grammar and spelling mistakes.

As always I am available to critique U.S. resumes and offer suggestions on how to improve them at no cost. You can send me an email with your current resume to perry@perrynewman.com

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