Productive Introvert Leadership Busting Barrier #3: Lack of Networking

Introvert Networking

A lesson all ambitious introverts need to learn is that your success is primarily dependent on your relationships with others. In fact, recent studies indicate that 80% of what causes our careers to be successful is emotional intelligence, which is how effective you are at interacting with others.

That may mean you have to operate outside of your comfort zone to network. Is that you? Here are some things to consider so you can take your hand off the “reject” button.

Understand what networking is. Networking is simply this decade’s terminology for creating relationships with others. It’s part of our human nature to build relationships and you’ve been doing it your whole life.

Relationships are built on affinity. We build relationships with people with whom we have something in common and you have your place of business as common ground.  When I make this suggestion to my clients, we start small and work on growing successes.  You will get comfortable.

Spending time on another is currency. You don’t have to be a dynamic person to build your network. You just have to spend time getting to know the other person. BTW, introverts prefer to build relationship one on one, so you’re in luck.

Use your natural curiosity to start a conversation. One of the biggest obstacles for us introverts is to know what to talk about with someone we don’t yet know. Get curious. Start with the basics: How long have you worked here? How long in this position? Where were you before you got here? Those three questions are good for starters.

Look for opportunities. We tend to hunker down in our office too much and focus on work. Take a break to get coffee and ask someone to go with you, or drop by someone’s office on your way to or from the coffee pot.

Don’t always look for meaningful discussions. We tend to not talk if there isn’t a point to it. Lower your expectations and learn to just “B-S”.

Use that great introvert thinking to think through how, when and where you can expand your circle of relationships. They will become your supporters.

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