7 Ways to Improve Your Job Search Today

Job SearchIt’s July when the living is easy for most America, and a time of year when both employed and unemployed job seekers have a natural tendency to slack off on their job search. So here are a few hints to get you back on track.

1: Stop wasting precious time posting resumes on job boards and start networking for 10-20 hours or more each week. The bottom line is unless you’re in the Top 15% of available talent in your field, or supply and demand in your line of work lies in your favor, your  resume is likely to go unseen; especially it shows you to be much less talented than you actually are are.

2: Stop sending emails, texting and reaching out to people electronically. To truly communicate with people and showcase your skills and your passion you must use the phone or Skype and start a verbal dialogue. There’s a time and place for email, text messaging, blogging, twittering and making new friends on Linked-in, Facebook and other social media sites. But nothing can replace a 1-on-1 conversion for making a lasting impact and getting others to advocate on your behalf.

3: Look objectively at your current resume to see if it is the best possible representation of your value or if it is merely the best resume you could write. If you find it lacking reach out to others you know in your field for their impression of your resume and some strategic suggestions or contact a professional resume writer for a free critique.

4: Color code job postings of jobs you are interested in before you submit a resume to see how well you fit the ideal job profile.  This will help you customize your resume for each job and double your chances of being called for an interview.


5: Whatever you do in your job search, give it your all. Don’t depend on others to do the hard work for you. My mother told me, and I sure she was not alone in giving this piece of advice, “If you want something done how you want it and when you want it – Do-It-Yourself.”

6: Throughout a job search you must honestly assess your motives, goals and efforts and results to determine whether you need some outside help or if can go it alone. For some job searches are like a common cold that will cure itself in a week or 7 days with some aspirin or OTC medication that is easily accessible. For others it is like a torn ACL or severely pulled hamstring that needs to be diagnosed and treated by a physician or physical therapist, and if left untreated it will only get worse and take up to 10 times as long to properly heal, if it heals properly at all. This is why for some it takes 4-8 weeks to find a job and for others with same qualifications it takes up to 36 weeks to find a job,

7: If you don’t feel it is worth making an investment of time effort and money in yourself, how can you justify thinking that an unknown employer should make an investment in you?

As a courtesy to the readers of this blog post I critique U.S. resumes and offer suggestions on how to improve them at no cost. Email to perry@perrynewman.com.

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