Stop Waiting for LinkedIn to Produce Magic Results

LinkedIn MagicIn my recent conversation with Andrea Coombes of Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, we discussed the common pitfalls most job seekers (boomer-age and otherwise) make in using LinkedIn.

Of course, we covered tips on including a professional photo, strengthening your LinkedIn Summary, and joining the right Groups.

However, the largest mistake I see most job seekers make is simply waiting.

Waiting for the right moment to update your Profile, get a perfect head shot, or write a better Headline will nearly guarantee your job search will take longer.

Why? Because most employers have become reluctant to contact candidates who seem to have an invisible or barely-there digital identity.

By updating your Profile NOW, you’ll reap ROI from more traffic on LinkedIn. You might even be contacted without having to send a resume first, simply because so many recruiters use it as a free resume database.

Without waiting another minute, you can openly display your work experience, education, and career path to anyone, with these immediate advantages:

  • Hiring managers can easily determine whether you fit their ideal-candidate parameters
  • Co-workers or past bosses can be reminded of your achievements and qualifications (and may be more likely to recommend you)
  • Customers researching your company can decide if they’d like to do business with you or your employer
  • Employers will see you as a more visible, professionally engaged candidate who knows how to use social media
  • You’ll be in a much better place if a layoff or unexpected job loss happens!

None of this will happen, however, unless you start marketing your specific skills in LinkedIn… without waiting for the perfect opportunity.

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