What Being in LinkedIn’s “Top 1%” Means to Me and What It Can Mean to You

LinkedIn SealTo promote its recent monumental accomplishment of obtaining over 200 million members, over the past two weeks LinkedIn sent out congratulatory notices to those who placed among the Top 10%, Top 5% and Top 1% of Profile page views for 2012. I was acknowledged to be among the Top 1%. This can be interpreted as my being 1 member of a club where 198 million people are working hard to join, or as my being 1 person in a club that has 2 million members.

What I’d like to explore is how I believe I was chosen for this honor, what it has done for me, and why you should strive to join me and many other Career Rocketeer’s members of this club in 2013.

In my business, I wear three hats – resume writer, job search adviser and social media strategist. LinkedIn page writing and social media coaching have become an increasingly sought after component of my services over the past 3 years. During that time I have invested my own time, money and effort to learn how to be among the best at what I do and in so doing learned the value of having a great LinkedIn page and how to create one, the importance of being an active member in the right LinkedIn groups to maximize my professional exposure, and how to establish my credentials as a subject matter expert. I also learned how to optimize my profile so people and opportunities find me without my extending a continuous effort to be found. This is something you should invest in and strive for as well.

I can say that today nearly 33% of my business is generated by Linked In page views and I am being approached by many people who want to discuss consulting opportunities and speaking engagement with me in the US and abroad as well as by professionals who want to discuss strategic alliances and new business opportunities with me.

In my mind, being in the Top 1% confirms that my social media knowledge and advice are not hollow words. The proof is, in addition to helping me reach my goals it worked for most of my clients who took my advice and did what was necessary to join me at this level. More of my Top 1% clients were found by employers and talent hunters and offered interviews and jobs after using my advice; and in my opinion it is more preferable and profitable to be found for a job than to find one.

This is what LinkedIn did for me and my clients and what it can do for you when you learn to harness its power or work with a professional who can show you the ropes and do the necessary wordsmiths work for you.

Remember this, LinkedIn is here to stay and when used properly it helps thousands of job seekers and business professionals reach and surpass their goals each month at a more accelerated pace than they originally thought possible. So what are you waiting for? Master LinkedIn today and set your goal to be a 1% member in 2013.

As always I am happy to critique US resumes (and professional overseas CVs) and LinkedIn pages at no cost if you email it to perry@perrynewman.com

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