The Perfect COO Resume

COOTransitioning into another COO role – or taking the next step from GM or VP of Operations? To be competitive, your resume will need to present a composite, quickly digested picture of both leadership and tactical strengths.

Many COO positions require a unique, powerful blend of management direction, marketing savvy, process improvement perspective, and impact on productivity, as well as strategic vision and focus on profits.

Therefore, your COO resume must demonstrate both detailed success stories and an overarching message of leadership (components that often seem to be polar opposites!).

If you’re struggling to combine these elements into your resume, use these tips and examples as guides to a strong picture of success at the COO level:

1 – Success Stories in Context.

Your career story is often more engaging when told from the standpoint of problems solved, challenges overcome, or roadblocks removed. Therefore, you’ll want to include descriptions of the situations behind each result for greater impact.

As an example, the second page of this sample COO resume contains details under Crisis & Change Leadership that show $1.2M additional claims revenue produced when the COO stepped in to take over a management job.

Stories like these demonstrate a whatever-it-takes approach to solving problems, plus decisive leadership that benefits the company as a whole – important qualities for an executive officer.

2 – Testimonials.

As shown in this COO resume for a construction development executive, accolades from others in your network can add credence to the executive competencies and qualities that you’ve listed.

Here, these references were strategically placed to show that the candidate (who had taken a consulting role) was qualified to move up into a real estate industry COO position, based on his reputation among peers and a consistent history of multimillion-dollar projects.

3 – Graphs & Charts.

As it’s been said, a picture is worth 1,000 words; this is even more true of the COO resume, which must quickly tend to operational details – while remaining as concise as possible.

For this COO resume, a chart was added in place of the following statement: Led KPI program used to lower gas meter exchange costs 17%, with simultaneous 21% rise in 10,000-annual volume of meter exchanges. Increased gas leak repair production 19% annually.

As shown in this example, the graphic representation of a sentence displays immediate value to the reader, while conserving words. Since metrics are key to the effectiveness of an executive resume, a chart quickly conveys crucial data, but in a more eye-catching manner.

In summary, COO resumes have come a long way from lists of manufacturing management duties, Board-level meetings, and sales team oversight.

Ensure your resume is on the cutting edge of today’s hiring trends (and stands a good chance of eclipsing your competition) with graphic and storytelling elements that convey your brand powerfully and succinctly.

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