7 LinkedIn Tools Job Seekers Should Be Using

LinkedIn ToolsLinkedIn is recognized as the most professional media network for those looking to maximize their employment opportunities over the Internet.

Just as you wouldn’t barge into a corporate environment, or office space, dressed inaptly and spewing forth your resume to everyone you walk past, there are a couple of protocols worth taking note of, as well as tools worth using.

Below are 5 such tools for job seekers to make the most of LinkedIn.

This tool can be used to search for various job opportunities in your area of expertise and beyond. Like other job search engines, all you need to do is to enter the keyword “hiring” with your target locations and industry in mind. Signal will then sort through all contacts, in a particular industry, with recruiters looking to fill a job opening. Compared to other job sites, this app gives you a further leg up in finding a suitable job position.

Apply with LinkedIn is a new plug–in that is really making the rounds among LinkedIn users, even numerous multinationals, including; Netflix, Photobucket and TripIt, have already installed the plug–in on their job listings pages. How does this tool work? Once you, as an applicant, click on the “Apply with LinkedIn” button, the company will receive your LinkedIn details in lieu of a resume. This tool is also free to download for hiring managers.

This is another essential tool online job seekers should use, especially those with a keen eye for creative jobs. It is designed to support unlimited multimedia content, whilst too allowing you to choose the portfolio content to be displayed on your profile. Built to function like an online resume, “Creative Portfolio Display” is ideally suited to freelancers who want to showcase their creative work, build their personal brand, and ultimately to increase their chances of getting more job opportunities.

Resume Builder among other tools is an easy–to–use app that lets you turn your LinkedIn profile into a PDF and/or Word resume. It is as easy as choosing a template, editing, arranging the necessary information, printing or exporting or even sharing through email or digital networks, including; LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

“Who Works At” is a Google Chrome extension that lets you know, through a visual popup, who in your LinkedIn network works at a particular establishment. It is a handy and very powerful tool that prioritizes the results with the most relevant people, while also letting you see all the new employees and additional changes in the company.

Other LinkedIn tools job seekers should use include;

LinkedIn hResume is a WordPress plug–in that uses the hResume microformat block, from your LinkedIn page, to display your LinkedIn profile in a bespoke manner on your WordPress blog.

This is a plug–in that adds the LinkedIn search options to the Firefox browser default search box, at the top right corner of the browser. There are 2 different engines available; the one that lets you search for jobs in the LinkedIn network and the one that lets you search contacts by organization, name, or title.

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