3 Super Tips For Finding a New Job in 2013

Super BowlBy the time you read this we’ll already know which two teams will be playing in Super Bowl XLVII and which of the 12 NFL teams that entered the payoffs with high hopes, as well as those teams that failed to make the playoffs entirely, are now chanting the old Brooklyn Dodger mantra “Wait Until Next Year.”

Just as the goal of each of the 2000+ professional football players who go to training camp in July is be the last man standing and emerge victorious in February, so too this is the goal of every job seeker – to best the competition and come away with the coveted job offer.

So let’s examine some lessons we can learn from the pursuit of a Super Bowl ring.

LESSON # I: Attitude Adjustment

From the day NFL training camp opens in July every player starts off with the attitude that this will be his and his team’s best year ever, and he will do whatever it takes to win a Super Bowl ring.

This is the attitude job seekers need to adopt to conduct a successful job search. A job seeker must be tenacious, willing to do whatever it takes in terms of time, effort, money and sublimating their ego, and be willing to admit there are no moral victories if you do not get a job offer. This does not mean that everything else is a total loss; every day and every action you take is another learning experience. The key is to learn how to not repeat your errors.

LESSON # II: Coaching

In football, more than in any other sport, coaching is as important to success as the raw talent of the players, and good coaches have developed players with average talent into All Stars.

This is why I recommend every job seeker work with an experienced Career Coach at the onset of their job search, and if possible throughout the duration. A quality Career Coach knows the lay of the land and can collaborate with you to put together a game plan that takes into account your strengths and the values that employers desire the most.

The coach will also help you understand the process and challenges you will face and prepare you for the ups and downs you are bound to encounter. A really good coach will be there with you every step of the way to encourage and motivate you to do what needs to be done until you reach your ultimate goal. Plus the right coaching can substantially cut the time you remain unemployed, and that is money in the bank.

LESSON # III: The Game Plan

As we all know the game plan in football is designed week by week based on a team’s strengths and the opposition’s weakness.

First off a job seeker must start off the job search with a defined plan of action and the right tools to complement it. On top of this your résumé, elevator speech, and interview must be tailored to the job you’re applying for. The ‘One Size Fits All’ approach does not work for a football team or a job search.

As always I am available to review your resume at no cost if you email it to perry@perrynewman.com.

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