You May Need More than a Resume to Get the Interview and Job Offer

Whether you’re currently employed and seeking to move vertically or horizontally across the career lattice, or you’re an unemployed professional who wants to get back in the game, a quality resume is the cornerstone of a successful proactive job search. However some professionals seeking a position over $75k a year may benefit greatly by including other documents in their job search portfolio.

So what are they?

1: A Bio

A profession biography is a quintessential networking tool to email or hand out to people who know you very well and to individuals you are casually acquainted with through LinkedIn and networking events.

They in turn will be more motivated to send this unique document in lieu of a formal resume to decision makers in their companies and to people they know who have access to available positions, and people you want to meet, be introduced to and/or want to network with now and in the future.

The bio is also an excellent tool for employed individuals who want to maintain an air of confidentiality because it is prepared in a way that does not make them appear as an active job seeker but rather as a professional who has his or her ears open for the right opportunity.

A bio is also valuable for unemployed professionals as a means of gaining attention in an overcrowded field of equally qualified candidates. This document will stand out in the crowd and can be used instead of or in conjunction to a resume.

The bio format I find generates the best results is a full color, 1page – 3 column document that offers up essential information based on the desired profile for the position/s you’re applying for, and most often it will contain a headshot.

2: A Dossier

When leading search firms submit a candidate for consideration, rather than just present a resume they will often prepare an comprehensive dossier on the candidate that is a more in-depth study of who the candidate is, their core qualities and key accomplishments, the reason they are available, and they may also include salary and compensation package parameters. Most important they contain a well written value proposition developed specifically for the available position.

In my opinion many sic figure job seekers can benefit by preparing and presenting a similar document to get noticed by the right people get on industry and job specific headhunter’s radar screens.

3: Deal Lists

Deal Lists are documents that describe and accentuate in detail the various deals you have been a part of so prospective employers can get a better feel for your ability to contribute to the bottom line.

These documents highlight the quality, complexity and financial volume of deals you have been involved in and the extent of your direct participation.

This type of document is ideal for people in financial services, real estate, sales and related fields.

4: Project Portfolios

Project Portfolios are documents that describe and accentuate in detail the various projects you have been a part of including your degree of participation, project leadership skills and your ability to impact the bottom line.

This type of document is ideal for people in project management marketing, architecture, engineering, design and other fields that are project oriented

As usual I am available to offer a professional critique of resumes and offer thoughts on how to improve them. Just send your resume to No cost/no obligation.

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