Why Applying Through a Niche Job Board is Better

The lure of familiarity from larger job boards like Indeed, Monster, and SimplyHired, pull fresh job seekers in almost immediately. While these job boards present a wide variety of opportunities, niche job boards are far superior in their ability to offer specialized searches. Here’s why:

Smaller applicant pools. If you are looking to increase your chances of actually getting hired, niche job boards have the potential of raising your chances. Due to the smaller applicant pools, competition is far less of a concern compared to larger boards. Niche job boards allow for a higher response rate on the applications that you have spent countless hours working on.

When searching for a new job, large job boards might be tempting due to their all-encompassing search functions. Unfortunately, the larger job board postings also receive hundreds of resumes. Many of these applications are generated by the site’s own resume database that uses keyword searches to match resumes with job descriptions. Job seekers that are genuinely interested in a position are hurt by these selection tools.

Better contact information. As most job seekers know, this could mean the difference between a direct hiring connection and being just another applicant in the pile. Template applications on larger sites not only make it difficult for personalization — including the inability to share important links and work samples — but they also do not allow for a direct connection with a hiring manager. Niche job boards allow talented candidates to represent their experience appropriately, while simultaneously attempting to make a direct connection with a hiring manager.

Higher engagement. Niche job sites offer companies a chance to reach out to an engaged audience of higher quality candidates to find the right person to fit their needs. Finding the niche job boards that are relevant to your skills may mean delving deeper into your job research. Begin by asking your co-workers and industry contacts where they look for jobs and, most importantly, where they have successfully found their jobs. Employers will be impressed that you spent time researching the industry to find key niche boards that best represent your skill sets.

Beware: not all niche job boards are the same. Keep your eyes open for spammy sites that are over-populated with content that isn’t directly related to employment. The best niche job sites go out of their way to simplify the search for job seekers and hiring managers. They should be user-friendly and engaging. Pay attention to the job postings on the site by checking their dates and looking for repeat posters. Good niche job websites should offer fresh material regularly.

Have you found success by using a niche job board? Share your story in the comments.

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Mark Lesiw is the Vice President of Business Development atCareerleaf, a platform that helps job seekers showcase their skills and talents, search for jobs, and track and organize communications all from one place. Connect with Mark and Careerleaf on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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