What You Need to Know about Professional Resume Writers

What services do professional resume writers provide, what is it that these professionals know that I don’t have a clue about, and why should I hire one are all universal questions raised by people seeking a new or better job?

Some individuals can write a very good resume, most people can prepare an adequate resume, and then there are job seekers who fail miserably at writing their own resume; however only a select few professionals and far less entry level and early career job seekers are capable of producing a targeted marketing document as well as a highly skilled and knowledgeable resume writer can.

What Service Can They Provide?

For the individual who can write a very good resume we can edit their document and take it to the next level, and we can do so in a way that makes the document easily customizable for various job opportunities. This is similar to what a highly skilled test prep tutor can do for high school or college students who have top notch grades with SAT, GMAT or LSAT scores in the Top 20 percentile. These tutors push these scores into the Top 10 percentile or higher, and this can make a world of difference in terms of where the student will be accepted and if they are offered a scholarship to can attend their school of choice.

For the person who can prepare an adequate resume we can use our discretion as to whether it needs to be edited or totally rewritten. Common flaws in an adequate resume are they contain too much useless information that needs to be edited out; there is vital information that is missing; the style is archaic, which is especially harmful for older job seekers; the format does not fit the person’s profession or personality; the writing offers misleading information that can trip the person up on a job interview; the writing style is full of literary flaws that need to be corrected; and most of all an adequate resume tends to be a dull fact based productions that make the person look average to mediocre by focusing on generic skills and experience as opposed to the value the employer is seeking in the person they want to interview and hire.

As for the resumes that fall flat on their face we can rewrite them from scratch just as if they did not exist and educate the job seeker on what we are doing and why. This way they are capable of making the minor modifications that are needed when submitting it to different positions they are seeking.

What Do They Know That You Don’t?

There are many things a professional resume writer knows that the vast majority of job seekers do not and in my opinion the most critical is how to build a profile of the ideal person a company is searching for in a given role. As I said many times a resume is less about what you have to offer and all about who a company wants to hire.

An established resume writer also has a network of decision makers and HR contacts who keep them current on what companies expect in a resume, how they like information presented for different job titles, industries and geographic locations.

They have also seen and written hundreds of resumes in many different styles and based on the results of prior efforts they know what appeals to a resume human screen, internal decision makers and people who are part of your network, as well as how to get a resume beyond the dreaded ATS software and into play.

Another factor that only the best resume writers in the business understand is the relationship of social media to a resume and how to make the two work in tandem to each other to offer vital information and create a dynamic, searchable profile of a highly desirable candidate

Why should you hire one?

Why anyone looking for a new job or to change careers should hire a resume writer can be answered by reviewing what you have just read and comparing what they bring to the table versus what you do. If after reading the points above you feel equally qualified as a skilled professional to write your own resume then do so and spare yourself the expense.

If you feel they can considerably improve your resume then the decision is a no brainer.

The bottom line is this, if a professional’s skill can increase your response to submission rate by as little as 5%-10% (in most cases it is substantially higher) it can be the difference between being chosen or rejected for the job you covet the most. Plus, if their resume can get you back to work even one week sooner than your self-written resume can, your ROI will be at least 100% and it can be as high as 2,000% or more for those who are earning over $50K. You do the math and calculate the cost of a resume against 1-30 weeks of continued unemployment, part time income, being underemployed and having no benefits versus having some employee benefits i.e. vacation pay and sick pay, paid holidays, medical insurance and profit sharing, 401k or another retirement plan.

Again you can take advantage of my offer of a free resume critique by emailing a resume to perry@perrynewman.com.

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