How to Jumpstart Your Career With Tumblr

Experts often encourage job seekers to blog or get active on social media to boost their job search and land their ideal position. It’s also a great way for those currently employed to share career accomplishments, position themselves as thought leaders in the space, and share industry news and trends.

With more than 44 million blogs since its launch in 2007, Tumblr has proven to be a great platform for job seekers and career professionals alike to share photos, write blog posts, link to relevant content, and connect with others. And setting up an account is easy, unlike other blogging software — simply provide your email address, a password and choose a URL.

Need more convincing? Here are some other reasons you’ll love Tumblr:

  • Hundreds of gorgeous themes to choose from
  • Mobile-enhanced viewing
  • Google optimized
  • Automatically tweeting/sharing
  • Ability to queue your posts

Here are some ways to jumpstart your career with Tumblr:

Use it as your professional blog platform. If you’re not into sitting down and hammering out a 1,000-word blog post, Tumblr is a great choice for you. “Tumblr is mostly about visuals. I’m a word guy, and even I’m a bit put off by Tumblr posts with no art,” said Mark Dodge Medlin, assistant news editor at the San Diego Union-Tribune in an article on Poynter. “A short video or some photos go a long way toward getting my attention, even if the post is mostly about the words.”

Display portfolio items. Use Tumblr as a way to share your best work, whether you’re a journalist, graphic designer or headed down a different career path. Because of its visual focus and simple layout, Tumblr is an easy, less time-consuming way to create a great portfolio for your career.

Follow brands and thought leaders. Who do you admire? What brands do you want to connect with? If you’re seeking a new job, what companies would you love to work for? Follow all of these people and organizations and “reblog” content you find interesting. You can also add your own thoughts into the post.

Share your content socially. Link your Twitter account to your Tumblr blog to share posts with your audience there. Use hashtags and tags to help potential employers and industry thought leaders find your content.

Do you use Tumblr? How else can it be used to jumpstart one’s career?

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