Help Recruiters Get to Know the Real You

I had a boss who said “to know me is to love me.”  It was true.  You have heard similar statements from people you know.  Statements like once you get to know me you will like me.  What they are telling you is “there is more to them than meets the eye.”  This is true about every human being.  Once you peel back the onion there is an interesting and complex person.  However, you have to spend some time getting to know them.  That’s good if you have time but for a job seeker, employers don’t have time to get to know the “real” you.  So how can you get their attention?  I say give them a glimpse into your real personality.  When someone looks at your resume do you jump off the page?

It is a fact that most employers will spend less than one minute reviewing your resume.  It is also a fact that most employers will spend those few seconds reviewing the upper one-third of the first page of your resume.  What does this critical section say about the “real” you that would cause someone to want to get to know more?

Let’s face it most resumes are boring.  They are full of facts, albeit important facts about you and your accomplishments. But your resume is not that much different from the next person.  What is different is your personality.  Some people try to differentiate their resume through fonts, formats, pictures, graphs, etc.  All good and that may be sufficient to grab someone’s attention but it does not tell me anything about you except that you received professional help preparing your resume.

What do you want your resume to say about you?  I have used an ice breaker where I ask workshop participants to state 3 three things about themselves that nobody knows.  Have two of the statements be true and one statement a lie.  It makes for an interesting introduction.  I am not suggesting you include one lie in your resume.  What I am suggesting is to think about the person who is glancing at your resume.  What can you do to cause them to stop and take a second look?

Most resume’s focus on the factual but personality is more than adjectives it is about feeling.  I looked at my own resume to see what it said about me and while my credentials are impressive.  He said humbly.  It is boring.  It says nothing about the real me.  Think for a moment about your social network sites, your wall, groups and your posts.  Why do you think employers are interested in your social network sites?  They are looking for the real you.  Unfortunately, on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., the real you is more than people can handle.  There is real and there is unreal.  You need to know the difference.  However, if you take a little of that personality and include it in your resume someone might think there is more to you than meets the eye.  For Pete sake, my superhero name is HR Warrior and that shows up nowhere on my resume.

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