Survey: When It’s OK To Call Hiring Managers

When to Call for JobAs a job seeker it’s hard to know the boundaries for some of our actions; and certainly a big one is when to call a hiring manager after you send your resume.  In a recent survey by Accountemps, USA Today reported the appropriate amount of time to wait before calling a hiring manager after sending a resume.  The results were encouraging, as many people think they shouldn’t call to find out if the hiring manager has reviewed their resume, much less received it at all.  In these days of electronic black holes, ignored voicemails and general absence of courtesy, it looks like hiring managers think it is ok to call after sending your resume.

The survey asked 1000 hiring managers what the time interval should be before calling.  Here are their answers:

43% said:  1-2 weeks

38% said:  1 week or less

18% said:  2 weeks or more

1% said:  Don’t call

The best statistic in this entire survey was the fact that only 1% are saying not to call.  That should give all job seekers a boost of confidence that it really is acceptable to call after sending a resume.  Once you know that, then the next big question is when to call.   Based on this survey information, it looks like you should wait at least a week; and then you are justified in calling.

Now that you know it’s ok to call the hiring manager and the appropriate timeframe, let’s look at what you want to accomplish with the call:

Make it brief.   Keep your phone call brief, but clear on why you’ve called.  Hiring managers are busy and want to get back to their work.  Get to the point.

Introduce yourself and state your reason for calling.   Your objective is to ensure they received your resume.

Resend your resume, if necessary.   If they haven’t received your resume, assure them you will resend it.  Also ask if there is a second person to copy it to in the event their spam folder has consumed it.

Ask when interviews will start.  It wouldn’t’ hurt to ask what their timeline is for starting interviews, just so you have some expectation of when you might hear from them.  Keep in mind, the process never goes as fast as they think it will.

I know many job seekers feel that their call designates them as a potential pest.  A pest is someone who keeps circling around and making too many contacts.  One well placed phone call will not make you look like a pest, but rather someone who is good at follow up and shows interest.  It also helps to reinforce your brand through a good, professional phone call.

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  1. Hello,Dorothy well I had a interview and it seem to go well the interviewer was smiling and taking the end of the interview I had to take a background check and drug test soo they toll me the drugtest was okay but they were goin to call me when they found my background check.but I haven’t got a cll from them yet I just wana no was goin on.I already calld them twice and it kinda seems like thier giving me the run what should I due the hiring manager even toll me once I start working if she forgets my name not to be mad at her like I was getting hired.and due you think I should keep calling them and mabey tell think iam serious bot the job..are should I stop Calling because i might be irritating them and they will call me when they want..

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