How to Show Off Accomplishments on LinkedIn

Show Off Accomplishments LinkedInOver the years, LinkedIn has become an important component for recruiting, as well as showcasing work promotions and accomplishments. Companies often scan profiles to identify potential new hires, while individuals format their pages in the best possible way to attract recruiters.

A recent infographic on Mashable noted that 80 percent of companies use LinkedIn to find talent. While this does not necessarily mean that 80 percent of companies solely use LinkedIn to make hiring decisions, there are a significant amount of companies that use it as one part of the hiring process. With so many companies looking you up on LinkedIn, what can you do to assure your profile is as professional as possible?

In addition to the Honors and Awards section on LinkedIn, there are several things users can do to show their accomplishments. Simply stating that you did tasks A, B and C does not give readers and idea of what you accomplished. You must showcase the impact your tasks had on the overall project or company as often as possible.

A section often surpassed on LinkedIn is the Summary and Specialties portion. The summary section gives readers a quick overview of your professional life and allows you to state any recognition or distinguished awards you may have received. Not only is this your chance to showcase what you do, but in a few sentences, you have the chance to state what you were able to achieve for companies and clients.

For example, an advertising manager may state, “I am the Director of Advertising for Company X and have won national awards for media campaigns.”

However, many people feel uneasy writing about themselves and showcasing their professional accomplishments, often worrying about sounding overly cheesy. Writing your professional bio can be just as difficult as the wording, format and content all have to appeal to recruiters. In addition to the language and content, writing a summary for yourself takes time — and people often opt to skip over it hoping to come back to it.

Specialities are a bit simpler on LinkedIn, as putting them together does not require strong writing abilities. Providing several specialities makes it easier for recruiters to find you through keywords, especially when you are versed with software and skills high in demand. Whether you are great with Google Analytics or a Customer Relationship Management software, be sure to highlight it on your profile as it may be what a potential employer is looking for.

Recommendations are also a great way to show how well you work with colleagues and clients. While many people only ask for recommendations when they leave jobs, that is not the only time great things are accomplished at work. If you develop a great relationship with a client, even if you are still currently working with them, ask them to recommend you on LinkedIn and do the same for them if they would like. If you worked hard on a big project with colleagues and saw great results, ask your co-worker or supervisor to write about how well you worked within the team and what great ideas you came up with. This also add some concrete examples within your various LinkedIn recommendations.

In addition to having a thorough summary and specialties section, filling out your job experience is very important. Simply stating the company and your position is not enough, as it does not give readers a sense of what you actually were able to achieve in that position. So, every time you update your profile with a new job, take some time to write out your various functions. For each new job, LinkedIn allows users to write a description in paragraph form in addition to highlighting tasks and accomplishments in a bullet form. A great way to showcase achievements by individual jobs is to prepare an intro paragraph for each position prior to the bullet form of tasks.

Sharing social goals is another way to gain recognition on LinkedIn. Once you have created a goal for yourself, you can quickly receive feedback and recognition from your colleagues, and showcase it to your LinkedIn profile with WorkSimple. This new feature makes it simple for members to showcase their accomplishments and share results with their already existing connections on LinkedIn.

How do you highlight you achievements and awards on LinkedIn?

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