How to Network as a C-Level Executive

Executive NetworkingWhen starting a job search after having had many years of great success in the workforce, some of the foundations of job seeking can sometimes fall by the wayside.  One of them is networking.  This important skill can often get lost in the shuffle of managing the everyday professional life.  So when the time comes to look for new employment, networking becomes a viable, yet forgotten, resource.

Don’t let this great opportunity to enhance your job search slip through your fingers.  Even at the C-level, networking is of high importance.  Instead, find ways to revive your network connections and increase your chances of finding a fantastic position.

Reach Out to Former and Current Associates

If you’ve led a busy life, you may have unintentionally allowed some of your networking contacts to all but disappear over the years.  Don’t worry if this is the case.  Believe it or not, former professional acquaintances are very often forgiving when they hear from someone after many years.

So take time to reach out to individuals you haven’t spoken or written to in a while (and those you have, of course), let them know that you are out searching for new employment, and even ask for advice regarding your job-seeking plan.  Consider reaching out to two or three new people a day until you have a few dozen associates with which to keep in touch.

Find a Couple of Mentors

While you’re reaching out to contacts, try to designate two or three who could become your mentors.  The job-seeking world is very often unfamiliar territory for professionals who have to look for work only once or twice per decade.  So take time to reach out to some recruiters or career coaches who might be able to give you advice regarding your search.  Also, reach out to a top executive friend who might give you a new perspective on your field and who can help you think like a hiring manager.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

If you haven’t signed up for a LinkedIn account yet, now’s the time to get it done.  LinkedIn is the ultimate business-related social networking site.  It helps you to reconnect with former professional associates while finding new networking contacts.  Additionally, hundreds of thousands of companies have profiles on the site, giving you an inside track into organizational statistics and more that could enhance your search.

At the C-level, you are undoubtedly accustomed to using your networking skills to make great strides for the companies you’ve worked for in the past, so why not utilize those same skills now to enhance your own job search?  Your resume plays a significant role in getting you noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.  But by using networking as an additional resource, you get the word out on your own instead of waiting for someone to find you.


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