4 Unique Ways to Sneak In Your Executive Brand

Executive BrandThe work of an executive is never done. Even when you are happily employed, you have to continually think about your future and come up with ways to make sure you’re relevant—just in case you decide to move in a new and exciting direction.
This means you need to continually work at building your executive brand and, even more important, get it in front of the eyes of as many people as possible. So how can you do it without paying for an aerial banner ad?

1. Guest Posts
One great way to get your brand out there is by writing guest posts for relevant blogs in your field. For instance, if you consider yourself to be a biotech expert, you could request to write a thought-provoking article focusing on new advancements in your field or the need for specific changes that should be made. At the bottom of the article, you could request that your photo and a brief biography be included as well. This could work wonders in getting your ad in front of a broad audience.

2. Book Reviews
Another way to advertise your executive brand is by visiting Web sites such as Amazon, Borders, and Barnes and Noble in order to post reviews of the latest and greatest books related to your field. Give a well-thought-out review saturated in professionalism. Then leave your signature that includes your full name, acronyms for your academic degrees, executive title, and your Web site link.

3. Press Releases
There’s no doubt that you have made some great accomplishments as an executive—and will continue to do so. So why not use those accomplishments as an excuse to send out a press release? There are many free press release sites available for announcing great moments such as the launching of a blog or Web site, a new business venture, award reception, free e-book offering, a workshop you’ll be presenting, or even your pro bono work. While the press release may not make national news, it will land in the search engines, giving you one more relevant search engine listing to enjoy.

4. E-mail Signature
Instead of just listing your name, phone number, and e-mail address/Web site in your e-mail signature, take it a step further by adding a 1- or 2-sentence blurb about yourself, especially when communicating with recruiters and hiring managers. This gives you the opportunity to tell people more about your relevance as an executive—without the blatant self-promotion.

You’re probably already aware of the more popular ways to advertise your brand, including setting up your own blog site, as well as creating Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. But by taking advantage of even more unique routes, you have the opportunity to wave your banner in front of recruiters and hiring managers without paying for that aerial banner ad.

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