3 Ways to Use Quora to Improve Your Personal Brand

Quora Personal BrandingThere are many platforms out there that may help your personal brand – for instance, Twitter to promote your work or Facebook to interact with customers. Though those social networks can absolutely help your image and brand, they serve their users for multiple purposes.

If you’re looking to spread your knowledge, as well as learn from industry leaders, why not try Quora? This relatively new social networking site lets users ask and answer questions based on a variety of topics, from the job search to how to make the best sandwich.

Can it actually help you improve your online image and brand? Absolutely – here’s how:

Follow topics and industry leaders. Before you actually start using Quora to it’s fullest, think about following topics as well as leaders in your industry. Why do you need to do this? First, it’s important to know what people are talking about. Additionally, it’s a good idea to know who’s saying what, particularly if it’s by someone who’s influential in your industry. Follow these leaders so you not only get an idea of where the conversation is going, but also what questions to ask and how to cater them to a certain audience.

Ask the important questions. As stated before, Quora is essentially a question and answer hub that allows its users to gain knowledge by asking and answering queries. So, instead of asking questions that you can easily get the answers to in a search engine or on Twitter, why not ask real, conversation-starting questions that have substance to them?

For example, you could ask for opinions on a recent industry merger and how they would have gone about it if it was a disaster. Or you could bring a recent study to your following’s attention, asking them their thoughts and if they believe it’s valid. The important thing here is to make sure you not only start a conversation, but also keep it going. Additionally, don’t forget to monitor the responses and ask follow-up questions if needed. That way, you can network, connect, and learn from industry professionals.

Help those who need it. It’s not always about your needs. Sometimes, it’s best to help others who need it. Give your personal brand a boost, by answering questions from other industry professionals. Don’t know the answer? Why not post the question on Twitter or Facebook, or even direct them to someone who can answer it for them. They’ll probably remember the favor and will be more willing to help you out in the future, should you need it.

Helping others who need it can also give you the sort of insight you may not have had before. For instance, by starting a conversation on Quora, you could see all types of different perspectives and ideas, in addition to your own. So, you not only help others who need it, you also gain knowledge from others who are doing the same — which can only help your brand and expand your understanding of the particular topic.


Do you use Quora? Has it helped your personal brand?

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