4 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Working

Resume PileHave you found that your resume isn’t getting the attention you want? Are you afraid that it’s just getting passed over time and again, despite the fact that you would be a great candidate?

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the resume. I’ve found that resumes are old-fashioned and poorly designed. I believe in a complete overhaul and redefinition of the resume so that excellent candidates aren’t passed over.

If you are finding that your resume isn’t getting the results you want, here are four reasons why your resume isn’t working:

Your resume is all about you.

Look at your resume. Does it read like me, me, and only me? If so, that’s a problem. While the resume does serve as your introduction to any employer, it’s not meant to be solely about you. The potential employer wants to know how they fit into your story. Write about yourself in terms of the company, the skills you can provide, and the gap you can fill.

Your resume is generic.

Sure, chances are you aren’t sending your resume to one company. No one likes extra work, but it makes all the difference. Employers see right through resumes that are addressed to “whom it may concern” and gloss over generic skills and needs.

Your resume is too long (or too short).

We’ve had the one page rule drilled in for years and I’m a huge advocate! It’s hard to grab an employer’s attention and even harder to keep it. When your resume exceeds a page, the reader wants to read it later, when they have more time. No one wants to read a novel. On the flip side, half a page leaves holes in your story.

Your resume lacks focus.

Okay, if your resume connects you with the company, is unique, and around a page, the last thing it needs is focus! There are so many “experiences” on your resume, employers have a hard time figuring out what the focus is and miss out on your key expertise. Consider the position you’re applying for and the strengths/weaknesses of the company. Think of the open position and yourself as puzzle pieces that need to fit perfectly together.

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