Should You Reapply After Being Rejected for a Position?

Reapplying for JobHave you ever been rejected for a job shortly after applying? It can be a disappointing experience for anyone seriously seeking employment. But sometimes, technicalities in the application process can contribute to being rejected for a position, especially if you’ve submitted through a form on a website versus e-mailing directly to a specific person. This is why, if you think you’re highly qualified for the job, you might consider reapplying.

Why You Could Benefit from Attempting to Reapply

Many job seekers don’t know the behind-the-scenes aspects of applying for a job—which could include scanning software that blocks certain resumes from consideration based upon inadequate keyword usage. Because this and other factors are involved in why you could have been rejected, if you feel strongly that you’re highly qualified, you could benefit from attempting to reapply.

Contacting the Company for Reconsideration

Once you decide that you would like to at least try to reapply, your next step could be to contact the company’s human resources department to ask if you can resubmit your resume because you feel that you’re a good candidate.

Sure, it’s a risky step to take. But really, what do you have to lose? You’ve already been rejected once.

If the human resources representative gives you the green light, you could ask for permission to directly snail mail or e-mail your resume to someone specific. If not, then ask for the details necessary to ensure your resume won’t be blocked due to reapplication if you submit again.

Adding Keywords to Your Resume

After being given the green light to resubmit, it’s a good idea to adjust your resume by adding keywords that will help it bypass scanning software the second time around.

To do this, you could take a good look at the job posting to identify specific keywords the employer used to define job requirements and candidate qualifications. For instance, as an accountant, you might add words like “balance sheets” or “billing and collections”.

You could also conduct searches for other industry-specific words to add. Sprinkle some of those words throughout your resume to avoid another quick rejection.

The idea of reapplying for a job might seem like a crazy concept—especially if you’ve never done it before. But doing it right the second time around could benefit you more than you’ve ever imagined. It could land you the job of your dreams.


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