Should You BeKnown or LinkedIn?

BeKnown Professional Networking AppLinkedIn has long been the leading personal branding and professional networking tool and network online for professionals and students worldwide.

However, just launched BeKnown, a professional networking app for Facebook that dramatically changes the way Facebook users can leverage this traditionally social network to establish their personal brands, develop connections and advance their job search and careers.

Many careerists have leaned on LinkedIn as one of the few effective tools for personal branding and career management, sharing concerns about conducting their professional networking and job search on Facebook due to the more social nature of the network and in some cases, due to the potential liability their profile content may be to them in their career.  As a result, they have done everything from censoring their profile photos and details, hiding their Facebook profiles from non-friends with increased privacy controls, and even creating separate Facebook pages for their professional selves.

With BeKnown, these concerns are no longer an issue and such counter efforts are no longer necessary.  BeKnown is an app that brings the power of professional brand building, career networking and job searching to Facebook while simultaneously keeping them as separate from your social profile, connections and activities as you feel comfortable.

On BeKnown, you can:

  • create a professional resume profile with their step-by-step guide, importing your current information from your Monster, Facebook and/or LinkedIn profiles
  • make selective career connections from both your social and professional spheres
  • follow companies and stay up-to-date on their activities and job postings
  • search jobs posted by your connections and via
  • review job listings tailored specifically to your listed experience, education and skills
  • and much more…

Supported by both and Facebook, BeKnown is already big and is just going to get bigger, conveniently consolidating all of these top features and benefits on the most popular social network on the web.

But, as per the post’s title, now that BeKnown is available, should you BeKnown or LinkedIn?

Honestly, my recommendation is that you be present and active on both.  The launch of BeKnown is very exciting and offers professionals and students a new and powerful tool to leverage in their career progression, but by no means negates LinkedIn or anything you have already done to build your brand and your network on this platform.

LinkedIn still provides incredible value with highly-search-engine-ranked profiles, a network of millions of professionals, networking groups and Q&A, a comprehensive company directory, its own job board with unique listings and countless other features and benefits.

I know that there are tons of different tools and networks available to you and it can be overwhelming to look at them all and decide where to dedicate your time and efforts for maximum career ROI.  BeKnown and LinkedIn are easy to start, build and regularly maintain, are definitely worth the investment and will undoubtedly serve you in your career moving forward.

What do you think about BeKnown?

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