How Video Can Improve Your Resume

Video ResumeSocial networking platforms have allowed us to express ourselves in ways not possible a decade ago.

Particularly with the job search, the need to stand out visually is becoming increasingly important. Resources like YouTube have given users a creative outlet that’s different from any other site. Further, the more creative you are, the greater your chances of exposure.

But, can you somehow tie your resume into all of this? Yes. Here’s how:

Make a video resume. As a job seeker, it’s probably apparent that you have a swell of competition. Why not stand out from the crowd by creating a different kind of resume? Video resumes are a great alternative to words since you immediately distinguish yourself. Further, because most video platforms are very simple to navigate, creating a video resume wouldn’t be very difficult if you have things like a webcam. Resources like videoBIO, an inexpensive service that makes it easy to create a professional video resume, can really make you stand out.

If you decide to use platforms like videoBIO or YouTube, think about telling a story through your experiences, like explaining your background, how you are making the transition between student and professional, where you would like to be in ten years, etc. That way, an employer will be able to get a real, visual feel of who you are, which is something that just can’t be done through a document.

Visual slideshow. You’ve probably worked really hard to get yourself to where you are today. However, it’s difficult to translate your work experience to someone who doesn’t really know you. So, what about using YouTube as a sort of visual slideshow? It could help an employer see what you’ve actually done as opposed to just reading your resume. Think about including a link to a slideshow that showcases your portfolio pieces, like any sort of design work, photography, web skills, etc.

Why is this a good idea though? Well, employers are already bombarded with resumes, as well as portfolio pieces. Creating a video slideshow through YouTube will probably help you look more attractive to these influencers since you are giving them something to actually play, as opposed to just written words or documents.

Testimonials. Sometimes you’re only as good as people say you are. So, why not ask your references to speak on your behalf through YouTube? It’s not as strange as it sounds. Think about it: If you were an employer picking between two candidates, would you pick the one who proactively provided you with video referrals or one who just handed you a list of numbers to call? The former would probably seem like the better option because you’re doing the work for the employer, making not just their lives, but their final decision a little easier.

Have you used YouTube to improve your resume?

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