4 Ways to Choose an Ideal Niche Job Board

Niche Job BoardsUsing a niche job board is a great way to gain access to employers in your field who are looking for talent while also giving them access to you as a skilled job applicant. But since there are tons of great niche job boards to choose from, how do you find the right one for you?

Look for Top-Ranked Sites

There are a number of websites that take time to list the best niche job boards out there according to their own ranking systems. If you search for top niche job boards in a search engine, you’re bound to find numerous lists to help guide you to the best boards based on your industry preferences.

Consider Most-Visited Sites

Another way to determine which sites are most successful is to look at the number of hits they receive. Alexa.com ranks every website based on monthly visitors and popularity. If you’ve run across a few sites you think you might be interested in, you can type the site names into Alexa’s system to find out how they rank among others.

Find Out Who Endorses Them

Another great indicator of a good niche job board is to see who out there endorses them. If they’re endorsed by big names—either because they have reputable clients or they’ve been mentioned by media leaders—they will likely have a banner somewhere on their page that lists these names.

Ask Your Network for Leads

In addition to conducting searches on your own, you could ask members of your professional network what niche job boards they like to use when looking for a job. It’s great to find boards that are all-inclusive, meaning that allow you to look for jobs as well as post your profile so employers can find you.

Also, it’s good if they are user friendly and offer good customer service. Someone in your network is likely to know of one or two boards that meet these standards successfully.

There are so many great niche job boards out there that you’re bound to find one you’ll fall in love with. When you find the one you love, be sure to use it to its fullest capabilities to maximize your desired outcome, which is to find a great job.


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