Making Your Post-Interview Follow-Up Call Work for You

Follow-Up CallHave you just completed an interview and are eager to know how it went? You are not the only one. Most job seekers feel anxious about this critical moment in the application process and want to follow up with the interviewer as soon as possible.

The good news is, following up by phone is a good idea. But, of course, you don’t want to come off as a stalker. So before checking in with the employer, take a look at these tips for making your post-interview follow up work for you.

Don’t Check in Right Away

You may be yearning to make an immediate call to the interviewer to find out what the heck the company thought of you, but it’s best to hold back for a few days. A good rule of thumb is to wait four to five days after the interview, just to give the company time to interview more people and make some decisions.

You may be thinking the company will forget you if you wait that long. But don’t worry; they’re not in the business of forgetting. So keep yourself busy and think positive thoughts to avoid turning the interviewer off by making desperate attempts to find out the results.

Rehearse Your Conversation

Just as you probably rehearsed your interview, it’s good to rehearse what you will say when you make the phone call. Some things to rehearse could include your gratitude for the interview and excitement about the prospect of working for the company.

But as you rehearse, try to remember that the phone call is not another interview, so you don’t need to create a script. The idea is to casually deliver the message that you want the company to remember you and that you are very interested in employment. Also, it’s good to let them know that you want to establish future communications.

How to Handle an Unanswered Call

If you make a follow up call to an interviewer and get no answer, it’s good to leave a message. In your message, you could let the interviewer know that you’d recently interviewed and are respectfully following up to find out about the next steps in the process.
Usually, the interviewer will call you back and give you the details you want. However, if you don’t get a call-back in a timely fashion (3-4 days), you could send a follow-up e-mail giving the same details as the phone call. If you still don’t hear back from the company, rest assured the position isn’t for you.

Believe it or not, the follow-up is almost as important to the application process as the other stages. By showing your interest in a respectful, professional manner, you could give yourself a leg up on the competition that thinks their job ended after completing the interview.


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