3 Things You Need to Be a Thought Leader

Thought LeadershipHave you ever wondered how you can stand out from those around you? Apart from having a stellar product or service, one of the ways you can really stand out from the crowd is to become a thought leader, someone who is looked to in a particular industry as a voice of reason. It often takes years to build up this sort of reputation, but there are three things you can do now to steer your future toward thought leader status:

Blog, blog, then blog some more. Blogging is probably the quickest way you can become a thought leader. Why? Well, if you stick to a strict blogging schedule (say, three times a week), eventually you will build a readership—and a community. Then, people will not only expect to see content from you, but you will also likely become referenced, enhancing your image in your industry. Further, the beauty of blogging is that you can basically take anything that appeals to you and turn it into interesting content. Blogging never gets boring if you have a passion about the topic.

Get to know people. Sometimes, it’s all about who you know. With that in mind, you should get to know people in your industry—current thought leaders—because this is how you will learn to become one yourself. Ask questions, follow their lead, but do things with your special spin on it. Remember, the more people you know, the more you will learn, which will help lead you in the right direction.

Keep up-to-date. It’s no use becoming a thought leader if you aren’t up-to-date with the latest information in your industry. Whether or not you like the particular trends or products, you need to have an opinion and relay this to your audience.

For example, QR codes are gaining momentum in the tech world. My company, Vizibility, recognized this and decided to create QR codes for all our users’ SearchMe links, which can be added to resumes, presentations, business cards, and any other printed or online material. If we didn’t proactively keep ourselves up to date in our industry, we wouldn’t be seen as a valuable tool.

Being aware of the trends in your industry is more than finding hot new products and testing them out. It’s about knowing what is going on, and speaking up when you do so. That’s what being a thought leader really is.

How else can you become a thought leader?

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James Alexander is Vizibility’s founder and CEO. He’s the guy with two first names. If you ‘Googled’ his name in 2009, you would never have found him. Now, he ranks within the first few results of a Google search. Find James in Google at vizibility.com/james.

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