Unless You’re a Recruiter, You Dialed the Wrong Number

Dialed Wrong NumberYou can get job search tips from a variety of sources. I found some in an article I read in Inc. Magazine entitled “There’s No Such Thing as a Wrong Number.” The article was about David Rosen the “happiest cold caller you’ll ever meet.” I laughed out loud as I read this entertaining article. Rosen sells about a half a million dollars’ worth of wine a year to private individuals nationwide. I don’t know much about selling wine but I do know his tips about cold calling are worth adapting to job search and specifically to networking.

Networking is one of the hardest things to do in seeking employment and making cold calls is one of the hardest parts of selling and networking. We avoid it because it is difficult and we think it is unproductive. Imagine if it were easy and productive as it is for David Rosen. Consider this, Rosen turns every unwanted interruption into an opportunity to pitch his business for example, wrong numbers. Everyone gets wrong numbers and we politely tell them either they have a wrong number or we hand up. Seldom do we engage them but consider David’s response.

Unless you’re a wine drinker,” he says, “it looks like you’ve dialed the wrong number.” He pauses and then smoothly flips the call. “Tell you what. Since I’ve got you on the phone…”

This technique resulted in Rosen adding 90 plus people to his sales list and he turned 75 of them into customers. I know this is sales but how could it work in networking for a job. Do you say to that person dialing your number unless you are a recruiter looking for xyz talent you have dialed the wrong number. I know you think the odds a potential employer calling a wrong number is one in a million. Perhaps, but what if you were that one?

Rosen had other tips to generate leads like creative internet searches, researching columns in wine publications and wine blogs, wine clubs, etc. You can do the same thing by simply substituting the area of employment interest. Comb through those publications to generate a list of people with whom you have a lot in common and they just don’t know you. Become an expert at searching online using LinkedIn and the sub-groups that exist there. All of this helps you generate new leads. After you generate the leads it is time to make the cold call or email. Nothing to it, Rosen says customers know they are customers. The same is true for employers they know the reason you are contacting them. They will help you or they won’t pretty simple and more will help then don’t.

Another tip Rosen uses in selling is directly applicable to job search. He says the key is to know your script and then ditch it. Everyone has an elevator/sales pitch. The key is to know it and deliver it without sounding like you are reading it.

For other tips like Nothing Is More Valuable Than a Good Referral you should read the article and draw your own conclusions. The bottom line is you need to warm up to cold calling as part of your job search.

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