Is Your Elevator Pitch Ready to Go?

Elevator PitchLooking for a new job is all about preparation, such as having a great resume ready to go when you come across the perfect opening. This preparation carries over to the networking component of your job search as well. If you run into the contact of your dreams, are you prepared to talk about yourself as a job candidate?

You’ve probably heard of the concept of an “elevator pitch”—in other words, a 15-30 second blurb that you could quickly utter in the time it takes to ride the elevator with someone. While you’re unlikely to actually ride the elevator at the same time as the CEO, your elevator pitch will get a lot of use at networking events, both formal and informal. Additionally, it’s a great way to answer the interview statement, “So, tell me a little bit about yourself!”

Your elevator pitch should have three components: who you are, what you do, and where you’d like to do it. For instance, it may go something like this:

Hi, my name is Chris Smith, and I have twenty years’ experience in corporate communications and Web design. I recently finished my M.B.A., and I particularly love the strategic side of marketing and communications. An example of my previous work is the Web site for Yummy Cookies, Inc. I am currently looking for a position in a large corporate environment that emphasizes professional development and growth. Some of my target companies include ABC, 123, and the Jackson Five. Once again, my name is Chris Smith.

It would take Chris about 30 seconds to say all the information above. After he was finished, someone would have a solid foundation for discussing his job search with him. Just as the purpose of your resume is to get you an interview, the purpose of your elevator pitch is to start a conversation about your career. In the 30 seconds it takes to make your pitch, you have a significant opportunity to make a great impression. Be sure to write down your elevator pitch and rehearse it. You may feel silly, but having a prepared pitch is essential when you nervously encounter a great new contact.

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