30+ Strong Action Verbs to Spice Up Your Resume

Action Verbs for ResumeIf you don’t use enough action verbs for resume writing, but instead use the phrases, like “responsible for, duties included, or worked with…”, you are undoubtedly selling yourself, your experience and your resume short.

These passive terms do absolutely nothing for communicating the value and benefits you offer an employer. These responsibility-focused phrases are boring and repetitive, because almost every job seeker uses them. Hiring managers need and want to see action verbs for resume writing that jump off the page, captivate them and tell them what you achieved.

Here are a few examples of my favorite action verbs for resume writing:

  1. Accelerated
  2. Authored 
  3. Captivated 
  4. Captured
  5. Championed 
  6. Consolidated 
  7. Critiqued 
  8. Directed 
  9. Diversified 
  10. Diverted 
  11. Doubled 
  12. Enforced 
  13. Enhanced 
  14. Exceeded 
  15. Pioneered 
  16. Forged 
  17. Formalized 
  18. Formulated 
  19. Generated 
  20. Influenced 
  21. Initiated 
  22. Integrated 
  23. Intensified 
  24. Leveraged 
  25. Masterminded 
  26. Maximized 
  27. Mentored 
  28. Optimized 
  29. Orchestrated 
  30. Re-engineered 
  31. Spearheaded 
  32. Structured 
  33. Proliferated 
  34. Recaptured 
  35. Rejuvenated

…And the list of action verbs for resume bullets and descriptions could go on.

Don’t like these? Use the synonym feature in Microsoft Word or go to thesaurus.com. Be strategic in your word choice and choose strong action verbs for resume writing that truly convey ACTION and RESULTS to begin every sentence. These action verbs are a key component in creating a powerful and captivating resume.

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