10 Ways to Spot a Spammer on Twitter

Spammers and catfish have a lot in common. They are both bottom feeders and are negatively buoyant, which means they usually sink rather than float. They are also resilient. They adapt to new environments when threatened. When spammers were blocked by email filters, they discovered a new ocean in Twitter.

And like catfish, they grow bigger and smarter.

Need tens of thousands of followers on Twitter? No problem. Just trick people into following you back.

Need a good profile? Download a stock photo of another person.

Need a trusting Twitter bio? Use words like “Loving Dad” and “Soccer Mom”.

On Twitter, there are essentially two types of Catfish: Bot Spammers and Accidental Spammers.

Bot Spammers are either actual computer ro(bots) generating API feeds by the minute. Or they are people with the personality of a Bot. Accidental Spammers are generally hard working business owners and authors who are misguided in how to use Twitter.

So how do you spot a Catfish on Twitter? And how do you prevent yourself from accidently becoming one – whether you are a job seeker or a career services professional?

Here are 10 Ways to Spot a Spammer on Twitter:

1. If someone has thousands of followers and recognized on less than 100 lists…

2. If you receive an Auto Direct Message (DM) when followed…

3. If he uses a url shortener for his Twitter profile (what exactly is he hiding?!)

4. If you see a broken record on her first page of tweets…

5. If every one of the person’s tweets link to this website…

6. If you see an entire week’s worth of tweets without a reference or connection to another twitter user …

7. If someone asks a question or has a general comment on Twitter and you provide an appropriate response, and there is never an acknowledgement back.

To be honest, I’ve learned more about the true character of authors (positive and negative) through Twitter than through any of their books. Stated simply, if you don’t want to talk to people on Twitter, don’t walk into the room. I go out of my way to promote authors and consultants who show appreciation for others. I have stopped referring other people who seem to be driven by their own egos.

8. If you see the words “Make” and “Money” appear together in any of the person’s tweets…

9. If her twitter page looks looks like a commercial break on TV….

10. And finally, if his tweets are always working an angle…

Are there other secrets of twitter spammers you look out for?

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Brent Peterson, PMP, MS, MBA, is the founder of Interview Angel Inc, a company that offers a comprehensive guide and toolkit for job seekers to use in interviews. Interview Angel is in use at universities, corporations, non-profit agencies, and local governments.

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