Do What You Know, Love What You Do and Be Who You Are


…ever since I can remember, I always did what I was told. I guess a discipline thing that mom and dad taught me, but I also did what I was told when it came to career choices. I focused too much on what others suggested instead of what I wanted to do, or felt more comfortable. I did what I should. Did any of you ever feel that way? Do you now? Maybe if you did it again, you wouldn’t listen to everyone else, and do what you want.

Following your passion is so truly important, because that is the pathway to your financial and professional success. Think about those people that are experts in what they do. Bill Gates. Donald Trump. Your former teacher. Why are they so good at it? Because they did it for so long. Why did they do it for so long? Because they liked it.

My point is that even as I had numerous job opportunities in the past several years that kind of took me in different directions down the journey of my life. Within one company I was given a lot of opportunities and paid great money for it.


…but as I continued this for about 8 years, something just didn’t fit. I kept finding myself intrigued by other CAREERS. Although I did great and made good money within the corporate industry, I didn’t feel right.

I’ve changed CAREER paths and am now in a job that I love, and can’t imagine doing anything else. But it took me 8 years to figure that out. What I do for a living truly fits my personality so much that sometimes I don’t feel like I’m actually working!

With this I realize now more than ever that there are certain things that everyone should focus on when choosing the right CAREER. I have a 3 step process that I use with high school students in my job all the time. It works so well and is pretty basic!


…the hardest part for many of us is that we have to think for ourselves, and actually meditatively focus on some of your own needs, talents, likes and personal values.Clear your mind. Focus solely on you. Because it’s all about you.

There are 3 steps that I truly believe you should consider here in choosing the appropriate field of work.


…Its truly important that you consider what you enjoy and feel natural doing. Consider these following short exercises and questions, and answer them:

  1. Make a list of certain criteria that will help you to choose a career. Make a list of your INTRINSIC (those things that satisfy your personal needs) and EXTRINSIC (those things that satisfy your external needs). To have true satisfaction in your career, Intrinsic factors should outweigh Extrinsic factors.
  2. List your outstanding attributes and qualities. Now, think about why you are good at these things. Do you enjoy it? Probably.
  3. Think about this: If you won $10 million, what kind of job would you STILL do?
  4. Which courses did you most enjoy in school?


The next consideration are your skills, and the talents you possess. When you write with your dominant hand, it’s a no-brainer right? Goes by smoothly. Sometimes we don’t even think about it. But try doing that with your non-dominant hand. It’s tough. No skill or ability in this manner, and we struggle.

  1. Think about someone in your life, and list their attributes and qualities. Do you envy their talents and things they’re good at doing? Why?
  2. What have they said about you? You know…your friends. Your family, co-workers. Close mentors. What have they said you are good at? Do people ever come to you for something in particular?

WADDAYA?…what are you? Personalities play a large role in the types of job or work you should consider. In my research on stuff like this, I have found many personality assessment surveys to take. Go for it if you want. I came up with a very easy to use chart of 4 colors that illustrate four types of personalities.

These colors represent types of personalities that help many people to find the CAREERS that are presently out there. The reason for this is because its necessary for your own personality and attitude to fit the kind and/or type of work you do. If your talkative and personable, go into sales. If you are an introvert, try information technology. Let the job fit your personality. Don’t change your personality for the job.

  • YELLOW color means that you’re a rules follower, conservative, a perfectionist who likes to investigate and observe
  • BLUE color means that you’re compassionate, caring, like to develop relationships and always find yourself offering advise or a shoulder to lean on for people
  • GREEN color means that you’re an introvert–you prefer to work on your own– and you enjoy doing the same kind of work, even taking things apart and putting them back together. You like to work with your hands and are more intellectual.
  • RED color means that you’re a personable, outgoing, fun-loving individual that likes to work with people and create ideas

You can visit for specific information on jobs that fit these personalities. Please understand that when making a choice about your future or making a career change, you just may never find that perfect job. Many people love what they do and it shows. But it’s probably not a perfect job and that’s okay.

I love what I do as a recruiter for a college and dedicate my time to forming the right resources for your careers search, college choice and personal development needs.

Guest Expert:
Keith Lipke is a highly energetic and motivating college recruiter by day, and public speaker and careers/college coach by night. Literally. Keith focuses his full time job working for a private school in Fort Wayne, Indiana as a public speaker/classroom presenter to high school students. Keith also serves as public speaker and motivational presenter and workshop leader on topics like career advice, leadership, goals, and college life. Keith maintains The Hope Chest, including his blog, as well as his website that illustrates his 3 step approach to finding the right career and college for anyone looking. Your success is Keith’s success. Please also follow him on Twitter @thehopechest.

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