11 Facebook Applications to Launch Your Job Search

  • Do you want to have suitable, jobs, emailed to you daily?
  • Would you like to find out what it is really like, working in a particular company, division and department?
  • Do you want to connect to decision makers and hiring mangers directly?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to make your Facebook page and profile more professional-looking?

As a Business and Career Counselor and Instructor at Georgia State University, I am often asked how to job search using Social Media. One of the thirteen, MBA Business Career courses I teach, is called “Maximizing Social Media for your Job Search.” This course is geared specifically for busy, business professionals who need to focus on the most effective methods. None of us have time to use every Social Media method, unless we take this on as a full-time, job! At present, though LinkedIn is the premier source of business networking, Facebook is gaining ground.

Right now, Facebook is like the neighborhood, which is trying to gentrify. For years, it has been the ‘fun’ site and the site you invite your friends to hang-out, on. It is trying to be known as a business site and professional site and a job-search site. It is not there yet, but is getting better every day and is continually adding job-search functionality and applications.

Check out these 11 new, applications on Facebook.

1. Easy CV – This application adds a mini version of your CV or resume, to your profile section.

2. Office Book – Learn about the corporate culture, climate and work environment from insiders in companies. Read others’ opinions and post your opinions of your current employer. But, be professional and discrete. Beware – anything posted online, can be online forever – it doesn’t biodegrade *(like a styrofoam cup)!

3. Inside Job – Connects you, to industry insiders at companies of interest. Use this app to learn where people have interviewed, worked, or are currently employed. Find the right person and connect.

4. . Work With Us by Jobvite – The app displays jobs, on profile or fan pages. Review jobs, see where friends work and send Jobvites to your own contacts. What goes around, comes around. Be helpful to others.

5. Meeting Wave – Is a business networking tool that helps you crossover from Social Networking to live meetings and networking with people of interest. It is a way to set up “live” face to face meetings.

7. BraveNewTalent – new, social networking app that allows you to connect to employers directly. Join the employers’ online community.

8. LinkedIn Contacts – This application allows you to view and share your LinkedIn Contacts on Face book. My LinkedIn Profile – Post a badge on your Face book profile to promote your LinkedIn account.

Testimonials – Ask your professional contacts and employers to post testimonials. Or you can link your Face book account directly to your LI account and reference section. .

10. Business Cards – Instead of the standard signature, use the Business card application. Attach your virtual, business card to your Face book messages!

11. Jobster Career Network, Career Builder and Monster Trak, Indeed, InCircle Connections – Add all of these job-boards have Face book applications. Customize the app, by including your degree, major, geographic location etc. It will send you personalized job alerts

(excerpted from http://www.keppiecareers.com/2009/04/14/facebook-applications-for-your-job-search/

In addition to using Social Media, you will need a comprehensive Career Action Plan. Check out these 2 additional articles for more information  Use between 6-8 methods/channels to reach your intended audience of employers. Facebook, would be just one of these methods.

Job Seekers need to use both Push and Pull methods of Marketing to tap into the Hidden Job Market

Conduct a SWOT analysis to determine your competitive advantage. http://mycareermanager.blogspot.com/2009/08/what-are-you-strengths-and-weakness.html

Each job-seeker needs to determine for themselves, which social media platforms are most in line with their unique goals. Try a platform out for a minimum of 3 months before passing judgement about it’s efficacy. Then, after 3 months evaluate the time commitment, versus the ROI, return on invenstment

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