Top 50 LinkedIn Groups ALL MBAs MUST Join

LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the web, so if you don’t have an account already, get one today! If you have one already, you’re off to a great start.

LinkedIn is an invaluable asset to all professionals out there, especially MBAs, providing you many unique features, including your own professional online resume, its own job board, a comprehensive company directory and more.

One feature you job seekers may not know about or have fully explored is LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are free to join, and you can choose to join up to 50 groups from a list of thousands of user-created groups for literally just about anything. Not only do these groups provide you access to connect with and contact fellow group members who could become future partners, employees, investors, customers etc., but the groups’ discussion board and news sections can provide more networking opportunities, answers to your questions and insightful advice, tips and support. You can also contribute answers, comments and your own expertise to the groups’ discussion boards to establish your own online personal brand on LinkedIn.

While there are thousands of quality groups out there, here are the Top 50 LinkedIn Groups ALL MBAs MUST Join to help build their brands and launch their careers:

MBA Specific



Marketing & Communications

Sales & Business Development

Product & Brand Management

Finance & Accounting

Business Intelligence & Information Technology

Project Management


Human Resources

Industry Specific

Special Interest

Career Search & Development

Academic & Professional Career

  • Your Graduate School/MBA Program Alumni LinkedIn Group
  • Your Undegraduate College Alumni LinkedIn Group
  • Your Past Employer’s LinkedIn Group

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*These 50 groups are not listed in any particular order.

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