Social Media: It Is What It Is

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard “it is what it is“…but the phrase certainly explains an ongoing LinkedIn discussion in one of the groups. Two months ago (yup 2 months), someone posted: “When making a hiring decision, is it ethical to check connections and conversations of a person on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Orkut, etc?

Today, there are more than 600+ responses (and still continuing at a rapid pace). The participants either agree or disagree, but no matter which side of the fence they’re on, the reality is “it is what it is.” If you put it on the internet you’ve given tacit agreement that the world can read/see/make a decision on what you’ve posted. It is what it is…..the world wide web.

At a TED conference this past year, www founder Tim Berners-Lee emphasized, explained and gave his opinion that all data is linked–somehow, somewhere–once it is on the world wide web (www).

The good news is that www sites are enhancing business opportunities and job announcements, not to mention changing the way the world makes decisions and gathers information. The following link highlights the innovative method one business is using to find its next employees:

To add to the mix, here’s an interesting story on how a Facebook page played a key role in an annual competition in Britain:

So, for 2010, be sure your www presence enhances your professional image because that image will be a factor in future employment opportunities, whether you agree or disagree. It is what it is!!!!!

Guest Expert:

Kay Stout is Managing Partner with PS Consulting. She is also an Executive Advisor with Oklahoma Professional Search. She has been instrumental in providing professional career transition and consulting services to the business community since 1986. From 1995 to 2002 she was Vice President of the Oklahoma City office of Right Management Consultants, a global human resource organization that helps companies manage their human investment capital to meet bottom-line objectives.

Her varied career includes working with the engineers who built the Atlas Missile Sites and the KMAG engineers in Korea. She utilized her musical education from the University of Wyoming through private teaching and performance. She then engaged in work to build non-profit organizations as well as special assignments on political campaigns. She has traveled with former First Lady Shirley Bellmon to promote Home Based Business throughout the state and chaired a committee that significantly changed the socio-economic division of a public school system. Furthermore, she has hosted “Your Career Connection” for KTOK radio.

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