Are You a Job Seeker or a Job Tweeter?

Twitter is becoming a more and more popular job search network and tool, and if you haven’t yet, it’s time you start tweeting your way to a new job in your job search.

Here are some great job search tips to get your Twitter job search started or keep it going:

Stay Updated. One is that you set up alerts on for the keywords that pertain to your search. You can include hashtags that recruiters use like #jobs, phrases like “Looking for”, skills and location. There are other sites as well that let you set up alerts, there is a great database of all different applications for twitter at – Audrey Chernoff, @HireFinders

Follow, follow, follow! Use Twitter search to search keywords and find people out there who are posting jobs, recruiting in your area, or who are in the staffing industry. Many recruiters tweet open jobs, tips, and resume ideas daily, and if you’re not following you won’t see them. Also, about 1/2 of the people you follow will follow you, and you can start tweeting about what type of skills you have or the job you’re looking for. – Jennifer Turner, @Talagy

Don’t forget the tools. Search for hiring managers at your key organizations, as well as experts in your industry, and follow them. There are so many resources out there for this, including Twellow, Twitter Search, etc. On desktop applications such as TweetDeck, create a group of the hiring managers you follow. This will allow you to see their tweets separately from the column containing everyone you follow, allowing you to interact with them more promptly and efficiently. – Heather Huhman, @ComeRecommended

Complete your Twitter profile. In your profile, use keywords that describe your areas of expertise and 1 hobby or sports teams to showcase that you are a highly-skilled person with personality. Also, use the website link to connect with your online resume (use a wordpress self-hosted blog) or fully optimized LinkedIn account. – T.C. Coleman, @UpwardAction

See who know who. Look at the pages of some of the most active/relevant/followed job recruiters and watch who they reply to (replies are when someone puts the @ symbol in front of a user name). Click on those links (@username) and see if they are someone you want to follow too. – Allison Kulage, @UprightSEO

Use Twitter Lists. Twitter’s new list feature is a great way to aggregate all of the tweets of a specific group of Twitter users, whether they be career experts, recruiters, company Twitter accounts or industry thought leaders. You can make these lists public to share with others and build your brand or private simply to serve you in your job search. – Chris Perry, @CareerRocketeer

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this wealth of career search insight!

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