A Simple Game That Shows You How to Brand Yourself

As you know, personal branding is a hot topic these days. Everybody seems to have advice on how to do it.

We play a simple game with our clients called The Red Game that does a great job of describing how to brand yourself (and more importantly, how not to brand yourself). It’s one of those games that is profound through its simplicity. We’ve made it available to you, so you can experience it, too. Read on …

The video shown below will take you through The Red Game. It’s a seven minute video that points out a simple branding concept. Watch it to see what I mean. You’ll like it. (Take it before you read the text below the video.)


As you saw, your mind is trained to see what it’s looking for. When you’re looking for red, all you can see is red. In fact, you see so much red that it blinds you to other possibilities that are represented by blue in the video.

We call this red filter your Should Bee filter.

What are Should Bees? Should Bees are those things that have become a part of you because you believe they “should be” you. They’re really not you… they are actually someone else. Each of us has our own version of Should Bees that blinds us.

As The Red Game pointed out, your past can become a Should Bee. “I’ve had all this training as a _______ (you fill in the blank). I Should Bee doing that for a living.” Yes, but what if you don’t love what you’ve been trained to do, even though you’re very good at it.

Should Bees can come from your education. “I Should Bee using my degree.” Yes, but what if I don’t like the jobs my education leads to.

Should Bees can come from loved ones. “John. You should be in an 8-5 job like everybody else.” Yes, but what if I want to start my own business because I want flexibility in my work schedule.

No matter where your Should Bees come from, if you continue to see yourself through those Should Bees, you’ll have a hard time of seeing anything but Should Bees. You’ll miss the other opportunities (blue filter) that present themselves to you on a daily basis.

When you brand yourself, be careful to not do it through your Should Bees. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get what you ask for.

If you want to know how much you’re living life through Should Bees and how much you’re using the true you (your Given Talent) in your work and home, try our free Reality Check by clicking HERE

Have some fun with just being YOU!!


Dave Dutton – Founder of stuckinarut.com – “Answering the question for all ages, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

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