How to Find Your Job with Twitter Lists

Twitter’s recently-launched Lists feature is an outstanding new tool that not only improves the overall Twitter experience by allowing you to organize and group the people you follow on Twitter, but that can also help you optimize your job search and personal branding efforts.

Here are some top tips on how to find your job with Twitter Lists:

Follow Lists

Career Search – The easiest way to jumpstart your job search with Twitter Lists is to begin following lists created by job search and personal branding experts. There are already a number of great lists out there that will help you filter out career search and personal branding advice and tips from the rest of the everyday Twitter “clutter.”

Here are just a few lists that will help you get started:

Industry-Specific – The other easy way to use Twitter Lists in your job search is to follow the lists created by the leaders and experts in your industry. These may be friends and colleagues, contacts with whom you are already networking and/or people you’re currently following. If you are interested in directly following all of the members of a specific Twitter list, use TweepML which lets you follow all of them in one quick step. This process of following others’ lists is also a great way for you to identify new potential contacts of value to add to your network.

UPDATE: You can use ListiMonkey to get Google-style alerts on specific keywords in lists you identify so not to miss important tweets from lists you’re following.

If you can’t find any lists within your Twitter network, check out Listorious, a comprehensive directory of Twitter Lists that may help you find relevant and/or popular lists to follow. And if you still can’t find any lists related to your industry, interest or expertise, this may be a perfect opportunity for you to create one which leads me to my next section.

Create Lists

Like someone else’s list, but want to customize it to fit your needs? No problem! Simply create your own. Creating your own lists helps you to categorize the Twitter users that you follow specifically for job search and/or brand-building purposes and keeps them separated from the others in your Twitter network.

Job Search – Similar to when choosing which lists to follow, create your own lists of job search, personal branding and industry-related experts, as well as specific job postings, that you want to follow in your career search journey.

For job search advice, check out my post 150+ Career Experts on Twitter All Job Seekers MUST Follow for a comprehensive directory of job search and personal branding experts out there you can follow and add to your lists (All of these experts are also on The Rocket List, our very own job search Twitter list).

For job postings, check out my post Where to Find Your Job on Twitter and JobMob’s post 400+ Twitter Feeds of Job Openings from Around the World for directories of top job feeds of opportunities to follow.

Remember, too, people know when they have been listed by their profile’s Listed count number. Adding someone to your list with whom you would like to network can be a great way for you to get them to pay a little more attention to you as they may click through to find out more about you and your brand.

Personal Brand – Creating lists of value to you –both public and private—is an important first step in using Twitter lists for your job search; however, you may also consider creating lists to enhance your personal brand.

By assembling public industry-specific lists that you can share with others in your own and your industry’s network, you associate yourself directly with that industry, but more importantly, you establish yourself as a thought leader and an expert within that industry. You can get your lists out in front of more potential contacts by posting the link to your LinkedIn and other networking profiles, placing it in your email signature and even by sharing it through your blog using Twitter’s List Widget. Twitter’s List Widget can be placed on your blog or website and posts the tweets of people on your created list, allowing you to share it with visitors to your web domains.

Investing your time in creating valuable lists is worth the effort if you are smart about the kind and quality of the lists you put together to share with others.

Get Listed

Never forget to consistently continue tweeting valuable and relevant contributions to your community and building up your Twitter network while you are following and creating lists.

This will really help you enhance your brand and launch into your next opportunity.
While the number of followers you have has been an indication of
your brand’s influence on Twitter, you can also begin to measure your influence by the number of lists your name is on now that Twitter has included the Listed count in the Twitter profile.

By consistently providing value to others in your network via relevant tips and advice, news links, questions, answers, discussions, etc. you will reinforce your reputation as a leader in your area of expertise/interest. The more valuable you become, the more likely others will list you which will only serve as support to the growing strength of your personal brand. Check out Brent Peterson’s article Hire the Person on the Most Twitter Lists? for some more ways to get on more Twitter lists.

I hope this guide helps you optimize your job search efforts on Twitter! If you have any other tips on how to effectively use Twitter Lists for job search and/or personal branding efforts, we would love to hear them!

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